Jetpack 由 團隊開發


確保任何 WordPress 網站的安全性、增加流量,並與你的讀者互動。

流量與 SEO 工具

流量是每個網站的生命線。Jetpack 包含:

  • [免費] 網站統計與分析
  • [免費] 自動分享到至 Facebook、Twitter、LinkedIn、Tumblr、Reddit 和 WhatsApp
  • [免費] 相關文章
  • [付費] Google、Bing、Twitter、Facebook 和 適用的搜尋引擎最佳化工具
  • [付費] 廣告方案,包括 AdSense、Facebook Ads、AOL、Amazon、Google AdX 和 Yahoo


不再擔心資料遺失、停機和駭客入侵。Jetpack 提供:

  • [免費] 暴力破解密碼攻擊防護
  • [免費] 停機及運作時間監控
  • [免費] 受保護的登入以及雙因素驗證
  • [付費] 惡意軟體掃描、代碼掃描,以及威脅排除
  • [付費] 網站備份、還原和遷移



  • [免費] 圖片用的高速 CDN
  • [免費] 隨選區、投影片,以及圖磚式圖庫
  • [免費] 從 YouTube、Google 文件、Spotify 等服務輕易嵌入
  • [免費] 側邊欄自訂工具,包含 Facebook、Twitter 以及 RSS 摘要
  • [免費] 額外的側邊欄小工具,包括網誌統計資料、行事曆,以及作者小工具
  • [付費] 高速、不含廣告,且高畫質的影片託管



  • [免費] 電子郵件訂閱
  • [免費] 使用 Facebook、Twitter 以及 Google 登入留言
  • [免費] 可完全自訂的聯絡表單
  • [免費] 文章的無限捲動


我們整個團隊的 Happiness Engineer 都很樂意隨時提供協助。在支援論壇提出你的問題,或者 聯絡我們


Jetpack 大多數的功能和服務皆為免費。Jetpack 也提供三種簡潔又經濟實惠的方案,內含進階的安全性和備份服務、影片託管、從網站獲利、優先支援服務,以及更多 SEO 工具。




  • 儀表板:鳥瞰網站的統計資料、狀態與健康情況。
  • 安全性:使用強力的安全性服務,保護你的網站與資料。
  • 互動:社交分享、按讚,以及相關文章。
  • 分析:網站統計與流量的主動洞察報告。
  • 流量:SEO 工具適用於 Google、Twitter、Facebook 等等。



安裝免費、快速又容易。在數分鐘內從我們的網站安裝 Jetpack


Alternatively, install Jetpack via the plugin directory, or upload the files manually to your server and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need additional help read our detailed instructions.




安裝免費、快速又容易。在數分鐘內從我們的網站安裝 Jetpack


Alternatively, install Jetpack via the plugin directory, or upload the files manually to your server and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need additional help read our detailed instructions.

Jetpack 是免費嗎?

是的!Jetpack 的核心功能永久免費。

這些包含:網站統計資料、圖片用的高速 CDN相關文章停機時間監控、、暴力密碼破解攻擊防護自動分享至社交網路、自訂側邊欄等等。


Jetpack 的付費服務包含自動備份、安全性掃描、垃圾郵件篩選、影片託管、從網站獲利、SEO 工具,以及優先支援服務。


為什麼我需要一個 帳戶?

由於 Jetpack 及其服務由 提供並代管,Jetpack 運作便需要 帳號。

我已經擁有 WordPress 帳號,但 Jetpack 無法使用。怎麼會這樣? 帳號與你用來登入自助託管 WordPress 的帳號不同。如果你可以登入,代表你已經擁有 帳號。如果不行,你可以在安裝期間輕鬆建立帳號。


安裝了 Jetpack 後,即可在、官方 WordPress 行動應用程式,以及 Jetpack 儀表板上存取你的統計資料。

如何為 Jetpack 貢獻一己之力?

各個階層的開發人員都有機會貢獻一己之力。瞭解如何為 Jetpack 貢獻一己之力,或考慮加入我們的試用計畫


Very effective

Thanks a lot for such an effective and efficient plugin. It will be great if its 『heaviness』 or 『robustness』 is simplified.

Deactivate and Delete

The simple solution to JetPack preventing access to your own WP site is to DEACTIVATE and DELETE Jetpack! Who on earth do those people think they are? Having a secure site and all setup with Godaddy and WP, should some IT tech’ees – apparently with a very high logic but absolutely no common sense – prevent me access to my own website? Just delete the crap and find another plugin …

About removing devicepx.css for my website

Thank you for reading my question

I had searched how to remove devicepx.css on Google and WordPress forum, and many of them tell me that:

function remove_devicepx() {
    wp_dequeue_script( 'devicepx' );
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'remove_devicepx' );

but I found that it is no use for my website, I could not figure out what wrong with this. Could you help me?

Note: I use Webpagetest after I add this code to my functions.php file, but It seems that my website still load file.

My website is:

Thank you very much



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  • Release date: December 5, 2017
  • Release post:

Major Enhancements
* Google Analytics: Add support for universal analytics for WooCommerce.
* Performance: minify all JavaScript files used in the plugin.
* Performance: add new Lazy Images module.
* Protect: add new mechanism allowing you to send yourself an email with a link to the form when you are locked out of your site.

* Custom CSS: add new set of font properties that can be used in the CSS editor.
* Photon: do not remove width and height attributes from image tags when known.
* Sitemaps: add CLI commands to purge and built the sitemaps.
* Sitemaps: only display the reporter log success messages if JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG is defined.
* API: add new endpoints to allow for better comment management in third party interfaces like
* Toolbar: prevent dns prefetching for logged out users.

Improved compatibility
* Stats: remove function deprecated in PHP 7.2.

Bug fixes
* Comment Likes: make sure Like text is properly translated.
* General: only load stats code when necessary.
* Related Posts: allow site owners to exclude multiple blog posts from the list of Related Posts.
* Sharing: remove inline JavaScript used in the email sharing form.
* Search: Maintain ordering of the search filters in the widget.
* Sync: avoid PHP notices during the synchronization process.
* Toolbar: avoid broken link when using the sign out button.


  • Release date: November 21, 2017
  • Release post:

Bug fixes
* In Jetpack 5.5 we made some changes that created errors if you were using other plugins that added custom links to the Plugins menu. This is now fixed.
* We have fixed a problem that did not allow to upload plugins using API requests.
* Open Graph links in post headers are no longer invalid in some special cases.
* We fixed warnings happening when syncing users with
* We updated the way the Google+ button is loaded to match changes made by Google, to ensure the button is always displayed properly.
* We fixed conflicts between Jetpack’s Responsive Videos and the updates made to Video players in WordPress 4.9.
* We updated Publicize’s message length to match Twitter’s new 280 character limit.


  • Release date: November 7, 2017
  • 相關文章:

Major Enhancements

  • Jetpack is now fully compatible with WordPress’s new Gallery Widget. Your old Gallery widgets powered by Jetpack will switch to the new Widget when you update to WordPress 4.9.

* We have improved the performance when loading the Jetpack Settings in the dashboard by optimizing the number of calls made when loading the page.
* We have updated the plugin to do a better job of cleaning up after itself whenever you decide to remove Jetpack from your site.
* We made some changes to reduce the number of connection issues that may happen on a site when switching from HTTP to HTTPs.
* We made some performance improvements to the Jetpack dashboard interface, to make sure your options and settings are loaded faster there.
* Error messages are also better in the Jetpack Dashboard; whenever you can’t update settings, Jetpack will provide you with more information about why.
* We improved the Jetpack update process to make sure updating Jetpack does not stress your database during it, even on high-traffic sites.
* The next version of WordPress, 4.9, will be released very soon and will include a lot of changes to its code editors. Jetpack’s Custom CSS will be fully compatible with the new editors and their syntax highlighting feature.
* We also made changes to make sure Jetpack was fully compatible with the role and capability changes in WordPress 4.9.
* We have made some performance improvements to the Carousel feature.
* Contact Form: do not process shortcodes in widgets when WordPress itself does, starting in 4.9.
* Contact Form: we have improved the 「website」 field to display better error messages when you don’t supply a URL. We have also improved the look of the date picker for the date field.
* Contact Form: avoid duplicate slashes when loading editor style.
* Masterbar: update the 「Plugins」 menu item to match the updated design on
* Open Graph: do not display images smaller than Facebook’s required size.
* Sharing: use Google’s minified libraries to improve performance when loading Google buttons.
* Sharing: update Open Graph Image tags appearing on the home page to offer better alternatives based on your site settings in Appearance > Customize.
* We improved the way sitemaps are built so they do not consume too much memory when they are generated.
* Shorlinks: those links will now always use HTTPS.
* Spellchecker: we improved the admin interface to make it more clear when adding ignored phrases and saving them.
* Subscriptions: we added a filter so third party developers can track comment subscription activations.
* Sync: synchronize plugin action links to add that information to
* Sync: improvements to better track theme and widget changes.
* VideoPress: we removed Jetpack version locking for directly embedded VideoPress videos to ensure all users receive the newest version of the player.
* We added a new filter (jetpack_google_translate_widget_layout) to the Google Translate Widget to allow you to change its layout.
* REST API: improve comment management for all roles, including post authors.
* REST API: allow site owners to manage comments on attachment pages from
* REST API: improve the response from the API when WordPress』 autoupdates are disabled.

Improved compatibility
* You can now use Jetpack’s contact form and Yoast SEO’s Focus keywords on the same page without any issues in the editor.
* Top Posts Widget: avoid Fatal Errors when the widget is used on a site using WPML, and when a popular post cannot be found by WPML.
* Sync: add more Custom Post Types from third-party plugins to the list of things we do not synchronize with, to improve sync performance.
* Sharing: since Press This is now a plugin and not part of WordPress itself, we removed the Press This sharing button if you are not using the plugin.

Bug fixes
* We now avoid displaying notices to user roles that cannot benefit or act based on the info in the notices.
* Gravatar Hovercards: avoid PHP Notices when the user info is an object.
* Infinite Scroll: avoid PHP notices when a site customizes galleries thanks to the post_gallery filter.
* Mailchimp: make sure subscription forms can still be embedded in posts and pages.
* Mailchimp: do not require the use of the shortcodes feature to use the Mailchimp widget.
* Mailchimp: fix issue where Mailchimp form code could not be added to the Mailchimp widget.
* Masterbar: avoid JavaScript errors by always loading jQuery.
* Post By Email: do not display any content in the email address field if no email address has ever been set before.
* Publicize: avoid errors when DOMDocument is not available.
* Publicize: we now hide the feature activation toggle if you are not allowed to manage Jetpack features.
* Search: make sure module cannot be activated when the site does not use a Plan.
* SEO Tools: do not output any custom meta tags if another SEO plugin is already active.
* Sharing: make sure Twitter Cards can be displayed even when a post does not include a title.
* Sharing: fix alignment of sharing buttons in the admin preview when using custom sharing buttons.
* Sitemaps: wait a minute before to generate sitemaps when the feature is activated, to avoid performance issues.
* Sync: avoid synchronization issues on Multisite networks using custom domains.
* Top Posts Widget: display the default title when it is set to empty.
* Milestone Widget: make sure the widget is displayed properly and can easily be translated into other languages.
* Verification Tools: avoid notices when saving changes on a Multisite network admin page.
* VideoPress: avoid missing file warning in the editor when using an RTL language.
* Upcoming events Widget: avoid PHP notices on sites using a custom timezone setting.
* REST API: avoid errors when installing plugins via the API.


  • Release date: October 3, 2017
  • Release post:

Major Enhancements
* Multiple improvements to the connection process, to allow more people to use the Jetpack plugin, even on very specific server configurations.
* Add a new Welcome screen to guide site owners after they have purchased a Jetpack plan.

* Add markup to the Contact Info Widget.
* Add a new 「Date」 field to the Contact Form.
* Do not show any update notices when in development mode.
* Improve our documentation to help contributors set up a unit testing environment.
* Avoid conflicts between Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll and other Infinite Scroll plugins.
* Improvements to the REST API to avoid issues when interacting with your site’s categories and tags on
* Allow third party plugin and theme authors to add new menu items to the toolbar.
* Improve the Content Options panel displayed in the Customizer with certain themes.
* Add architecture for the Jetpack Search feature, available for Jetpack Professional users.
* Simple Payments: improve the display of the payment items when used on your site.
* Ensure a proper display of the Recipe shortcode on sites using an RTL language.
* Improve the display of the Facebook posts, images, and all other Facebook embeds in your posts.
* Synchronize the author information for all published posts.
* Record how Jetpack was discovered and activated to better understand how site owners first discover Jetpack.
* Improve the display and options offered with the Milestone Widget.

Bug fixes
* We fixed layout issues appearing in the admin interface for IE11 users.
* Comment Form: avoid whitespace sometimes appearing below the form with some themes.
* Contact Form: avoid errors in the post editor on sites using RTL languages.
* Toolbar: always display the Toolbar when it’s active, regardless of other admin bar settings.
* Widget Visibility: make sure rules are correctly migrated from the old Jetpack image widget to the new WordPress Image Widget.
* Avoid errors showing that Jetpack is out of date on, when running a Multisite network.
* WP CLI: avoid warnings when using the wp jetpack protect whitelist list command to list the whitelisted IP addresses in the Protect feature.
* Avoid displaying raw HTML in the Stats Configuration screen.
* Comment edits are reflected properly in


  • Release date: September 5, 2017
  • Release post:

Major Enhancements
* Full PHP 7.1 compatibility.
* It’s now possible to preview your site within

* The Ads feature now gives you more options and control over the ads displayed on your site.
* Increased performance in the admin by cutting back on unnecessary requests.
* Loading comment avatars from Facebook and Twitter through a more secure https.
* Admin UI is much friendlier on initial activation when there are no stats to display.
* You’re now able to stop VideoPress from looping a video during autoplay through the shortcode.
* Made some optimizations to the Jetpack connection process which means connecting your site more is more reliable.
* The EU Cookie Law widget got some styling improvements and looks better in any theme.
* There’s a new Jetpack CLI command to allow testing of the Jetpack connection.
* Added the Likes and Monitor features to our recommended features list, making it easier to activate for new sites.
* Improvements made that makes sure we have the most up-to-date version of your site when managing from
* Added a link to view your Comments in the toolbar.
* Lots of minor design improvements to the Jetpack admin area.
* We’ve found a few places where we were able to optimize the loading of css files.
* Removed the Omnisearch feature.

Bug fixes
* Fixed compatibility issues with plugins using TinyMCE.
* Contact Form submission emails have been fixed for sites hosted on SiteGround.
* Updating themes will no longer have any problems.
* The Sitemaps feature will no longer error with posts/images with special characters in the title.
* There are no more conflicts with the ACF plugin when adding a new custom field.
* Fixed a bug that would cause some plugins to throw warnings with the Shortcode feature.
* We’re no longer loading a font on the front-end for the Likes feature, which will also have some performance benefits.
* The Jetpack admin UI had some bugs that were causing some features to not display the correct active status, which are squashed now.
* Cleaned up our markup to avoid XHTML validation errors.
* Brought back a filter for the Widget Visibility feature that was accidentally removed.
* Managing your comments and comment authors more reliable from