💬 FormsDeck offers the ultimate integration between WhatsApp and WordPress. This is the official WordPress plugin of FormsDeck.

What can you do with FormsDeck?

  • Build a beautiful form using our drag and drop builder
  • Add the form as a floating widget on your WordPress website
  • Embed the form anywhere on a WordPress page
  • Add the form as a new WordPress full page

Who should use FormDeck?

  • If your customer conversations happen on WhatsApp, then FormsDeck is the perfect solution for you!
  • If you are looking for a floating chat widget to redirect users to WhatsApp from your WordPress website.
  • If you want to embed a smart web form in your Contact Us page and send all the collected data to your WhatsApp business number
  • If you want as much data about the customer before you begin to chat with them on WhatsApp.


  • Get responses from Customer’s WhatsApp Number.
  • Easy to use Drag and Drop Builder.
  • Plugin settings page


Can I use FormsDeck for free?

Yes, we have a forever free plan. However, you can choose a paid plan if you need powerful features. See our pricing.

What is FormsDeck in brief?

FormsDeck is the official WordPress plugin of FormsDeck form builder. Our product allows you to create simple forms that can deliver the response from the customer to your WhatsApp number. The plugin allows you to add the form as a floating widget or as a Full page or embed the form inside a page or post in your WordPress website.

How much Coding is involved?

No coding involved! The form is created using our drag and drop builder, and to add the form to the website, you copy-paste the relevant code snippet to the plugin.

Can everyone see my WhatsApp number?

Not right away. When the user has filled the form and clicks on the Submit button, we direct the user to the WhatsApp number you have provided. There it becomes public.

Can I send the response to a WhatsApp group chat?

Sorry, WhatsApp does not support sending to WhatsApp groups.

Is this GDPR compatible?

We do not collect user data from your website and do not store cookies.


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  • Plugin released.