FormFacade – WordPress plugin for Google Forms


You love Google Forms, but not its UI? You are at the right place!

You are a startup founder or a project owner, who likes to move fast. So, you quickly put together a Google form to connect with your users. But, what do your users think when they see a form that doesn’t have your branding? Does it give them the confidence, you will be able to deliver a great product or service, when you can’t even show them a professional looking form?

Formfacade modifies Google Forms to blend with your websites and apps. Replace Google branding in the forms with your own branding and gain your users’ trust.

Try it out

Add this short code to your page:
[formfacade id=(public id of Google Form)]

  • For example, if the public url of your Google Form is:
  • Your public id is:
  • So, the short code that you need to add to your page will be:
    [formfacade id=1FAIpQLSdN-M-uIQN8FfjAZul_BQi0MKYARV_vqNKFejV0QFomAjtdGg]

Using it in production

  • Install our Google Forms plugin from here:
  • Go to your Google Forms > Add on > Formfacade > Embed in a webpage.
  • Once you click on the embed option, you will see a popup that asks “Where do you want to embed this form?”. If you select “Embed in my wordpress site”, you will be able to copy the wordpress embed code for production.

Read more at:


  • Embed Google Forms in your website. Make your form look like your website

With FormFacade, you can convert your Google Form into a tailor-made form that fits neatly in your website. Once the user submits the form, you can manage them with Google Sheets/Forms, you are comfortable with. Gain your users’ trust with a professional user experience, while still being scrappy.

  • Supports WordPress, Squarespace, Bootstrap and other content management systems

Formfacade supports content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Squarespace out-of-the-box. If you have built a web app that uses bootstrap theme, we support that too. You just have to copy paste 1-line of code to embed the form into your website. Your Google form will automatically match the color scheme of your website.

  • Create microsite and share it on email and social media

Don’t worry if you don’t have a website or if you are not a website admin. You can create a microsite for forms and share it with your users on email or on social media. No more url.

  • Prefill your form even if it is embedded in your website

You can create the prefill url from Google Forms and use the same query string in the webpage that embeds the Formfacade form. Formfacade will automatically read your webpage url and prefill the form appropriately. You can also send emails that prefills values differently for each user.

  • Analyze where users are dropping off using session recording tools

Google forms embedded in your website can’t be analyzed using session recording tools. This is critical for forms with multiple sections. Formfacade allows you to analyze user behaviour and see where they are dropping off using session recording tools like FullStory or Hotjar.


  • Free plan for 100 responses per month.
  • Paid plan starts at $8 for 1000 responses per month. Ask for questions.

Extenal service used in this plugin

This plugin uses our external webservice ( This external service provides two functionality:
– Covert the Google Form into a WordPress specific form that renders natively.
– Submit the form details using AJAX without redirecting the user to a Google Form page.

FormFacade collects personal and non-personally identifiable information solely for the purpose of providing our services to you (i.e. to submit the form). You can read our privacy policy here:



The plugin works as what I expected it to be. We are so happy to come across this. The support is also very helpful.
FormFacade as a service is great. That being said, the customer service experience was amazing. I used the Support link on the website at 7:30AM my time, and by 9:30AM got customer-specific, research-based fixes. They'd looked at my site, hunted down the source of the problem I'd described, and gave me two options specific to me for drag-and-drop-difficulty fixes. That level of service for a "hey, I don't know how this part works?"-level problem was mind-blowing and it's my pleasure to be quoted saying so.
I had been looking for a way to do this and this plugin does such a great job. Thanks.


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