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寫一本書? 推廣一本書? 這是你的插件。 在WordPress上輕鬆編寫和顯示您的書籍。 添加封面,頁面,目錄,章節,跟踪字數等進度。

It’s currently difficult to recreate the feel of a book on WordPress – you either need to make your whole site into the 『book』 or figure out complex work-arounds like creating your own taxonomies. WordPress’s own support section says 「There are ways to use a blog to post long-form pieces in chapters, however, though it will require a bit of work.」 BookPress solves all this for you!

If your dream is to self-publish your novel, or to create a site where you can mix your blog, books and other features, BookPress is for you.

This plugin includes –

BookPress Features

  • Write your book in WordPress and easily display it 『like a book』
  • Add book elements such as covers, table of contents, dedication, copyright page, chapters, etc.
  • Drop and drag book elements to reorder your book content
  • 『Book like』 page numbering – use Roman numerals for front matter and Arabic for body and end matter
  • 使用實時鏈接自動創建目錄以跳轉到相關頁面
  • 補充工具欄小工具可顯示您的圖書並鏈接到該圖書
  • 每個元素(例如章節)的進度跟踪 – 字數以及整本書,以幫助您保持積極性!
  • 為書籍指定流派
  • 準備好翻譯
  • 清晰易讀的前端書籍設計『感覺就像一本書
  • Front end display of book with sections, content, page numbering, etc. correctly formatted and sequenced

BookPress Premium

  • 在WordPress網站上創建並顯示多本圖書 (免費版僅限一本圖書)
  • 索引標記用於創建帶有實時鏈接以跳轉到頁面的圖書索引
  • 附加的側邊欄小部件,可以顯示多本圖書
  • Front End ‘Library’ page shortcode to display and sort all your books by genre, author name, Book ID, and more.
  • 腳註 – 使用鏈接到備註的引用(超文本數字)向頁面末尾添加備註的功能
  • Enhanced Progress Tracking – set targets for writing (e.g. words per week) and track your progress with graphs and statistics


  • 中文(中國)/簡體中文
  • 中文(香港)/香港中文版
  • 德語/德語
  • 波蘭語/波蘭語
  • 俄語/俄語



  • Two page 'clean' display
  • Single page, in-post/page display
  • Text page, in-post/page display
  • Book 'Library' shortcode display
  • Single book sidebar widget
  • Single book sidebar widget settings
  • Multi-book sidebar widget (Pro version only)
  • Multi-book widget settings (Pro version only)
  • Books management page
  • Book elements page
  • Targets and progress tracking (Premium Version


Manual Install From WordPress Dashboard

If your server is not connected to the Internet, then you can use this method-

  1. Download the plugin by clicking on the blue 『Download』 button above. A ZIP file will be downloaded.
  2. Login to your site’s admin panel and navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload.
  3. Click 『Choose File』, select the plugin file and click install.

Install Using FTP

If you are unable to use any of the methods due to internet connectivity and file permission issues, then you can use this method-

  1. Download the plugin by clicking on the blue 『Download』 button above. A ZIP file will be downloaded.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Launch your favorite FTP client. Such as FileZilla, FireFTP, CyberDuck etc. If you are a more advanced user, then you can use SSH too.
  4. Upload the folder to wp-content/plugins/
  5. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  6. Navigate to Plugins -> Installed
  7. Activate the plugin.


Does BookPress support WordPress multisite installation?


Can I import/export?

You can paste text from Word. Export features (PDF, Mobi, ePub etc coming soon)

添加高級版時,我收到錯誤“無法重新聲明…等”。 我怎麼能阻止這個?



是! 您可以通過鏈接到我們的網站或WordPress頁面獲得20%的Premium版本銷售額 – 安裝後查看插件側欄中的子公司鏈接。


二月 15, 2019
You're so write : ) It is damn hard to write long-form well documented prose on WordPress, let alone use WP to publish a book, and build a collaborative community. For years, I've been pondering if I should and how I would publish my books on my WP Websites. Now that I know that BookPress is available, and reasonably priced, I'm going to dig into your documentation and seriously reconsider my priorities. I do hope that BookPress is light weight, optimize for speed and easily customized. Any chance that you'll team up with Grammarly or Scrivener? Good luck I look forward to BookPress becoming a brilliant success. Thanks


“BookPress – 書籍作者” 是一個開源的軟體。以下的人對這個外掛作出了貢獻。


BookPress – 書籍作者 外掛目前已有 6 個本地化語言版本。 感謝所有譯者為這個外掛做出的貢獻。

將 BookPress – 書籍作者 外掛本地化為台灣繁體中文版。


任何人均可瀏覽程式碼、查看 SVN 存放庫,或透過 RSS 訂閱開發記錄


1.1.10 – 21 May 2019

  • Fix Rounding on target figures added
  • Fix Text bumped under book by shortcode

1.1.9 – 16 May 2019

  • Tweak progress tracking

1.1.8 – 22 April 2019

  • Tweak progress tracking

1.1.7 – 1 March 2019

  • Security fix
  • Added full Russian and partial Polish translation files

1.1.6 – 26 January 2019

  • bug fix

1.1.5 – 23 January 2019

  • Small bug fix

1.1.4 – 05 January 2019

  • Small bug fix

1.1.3 – 03 January 2019

  • Fix licencing issues Premium vs Free
  • Fix saving posts and pages not possible
  • Tweak some typos

1.1.2 – 01 January 2019

  • Replace Genres list

1.1.1 – 26 December 2018

  • Fix small issue
  • Added .pot file to assist with translations

1.1.0 – 26 December 2018

  • Add support for affiliate program

1.0.0 – 23 December 2018

  • First Release