Memory Meter


Adds a memory meter to the admin bar so you can see memory usage as you browse the website dashboard and frontend, it provides latest and flagged memory usage logs and several configuration options.


  • Current memory usage by file size
  • Current memory usage by percentage
  • Memory limit
  • PHP memory limit
  • PHP max execution time
  • WP memory limit
  • WP max memory limit
  • Latest memory usage logs
  • Flagged memory usage logs
  • Memory usage logs with page request info (Premium)
  • Memory usage in JS console (Premium)


You will see the meter in the admin bar at the top of your WordPress dashboard and the frontend of your website. Note that there is a user profile setting in WordPress to enable the admin bar, it is enabled by default, if this is not enabled you will not be able to view the memory meter in the admin bar.

If you hover over the memory meter you will see a number of options, such as logs and configuration. In addition to the admin bar, a menu item is included in your WordPress dashboard to give access to the logs, confirguration, etc.


  • Memory meter in admin bar
  • Logs
  • Configuration


Minimum requirements

  • PHP 7.0.0
  • WordPress 5.7.0


You can install Memory Meter via:

  • Automatic installation
  • Manual installation with FTP client
  • WordPress dashboard upload

More information


Where can I find the memory meter?

See the usage information above.

How do I change the memory file size to KB or GB rather than MB?

You can use the wpmm_memory_meter_file_size_format filter hook.

What percentage of memory usage will make the meter change color?

When your website is using greater than 75% of allocated memory the meter will change to orange (warning), if greater than 90% it will change to red (bad). If you want to change these default percentages you can use the wpmm_memory_meter_memory_usage_percentage_warning and wpmm_memory_meter_memory_usage_percentage_bad filter hooks.

Who can see the memory meter/can I make it visible to specific users?

The memory meter shows by default for any user with the manage_options capability, which is usually administrators. You can change the capability required to see the memory meter by using the wpmm_memory_meter_capability filter hook.

Can I disable the memory meter colors?

Yes, you can disable the colors using the wpmm_memory_meter_memory_usage_colors filter hook.

Can I disable logs?

Yes, you can disable the logs using the wpmm_memory_meter_logs filter hook.


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1.2.1 – 2022-12-23

  • Changed: Freemius SDK
  • Changed: WordPress tested up to 6.1.1
  • Removed: Leave review nag

1.2.0 – 2022-10-22

  • Changed: JS assets now enqueued in footer
  • Changed: Code refactoring
  • Changed: Freemius SDK
  • Changed: PHP requires at least 7.0.0
  • Changed: WordPress requires at least 5.7.0
  • Changed: WordPress tested up to 6.0.3

1.1.1 – 2022-04-23

  • Changed: Code refactoring
  • Changed: WordPress tested up to 5.9.3

1.1.0 – 2022-03-25

  • Note: This version includes several changes to asset enqueues it is recommended you clear all caches after upgrading to ensure all assets are reloaded
  • Added: Minified CSS/JS assets created and enqueued
  • Added: Translation function
  • Changed: CSS assets now SCSS
  • Changed: Text casing on some elements to make consistent with similar content in WordPress dashboard
  • Fixed: Translations may not load due to load_plugin_textdomain not hooked on init

1.0.0 – 2022-03-12

  • Initial release