This plugin has been closed as of 2022年2月2日 and is not available for download. 原因:違反開發指導原則。


The Popup Options button no longer works when editing a popup in Beaver Builder with WordPress 5.6. But even without options I can use a saved BB row for the content and set a scroll depth on a particular page through the Popup Manager. Have not been able to do that with either UABB or Powerpack off-canvas or modal popup modules. I wish the devs could update the plugin or make a paid version that's up to date. Here"s the console error: Uncaught Error: only one instance of babel-polyfill is allowed at Object.<anonymous> (index.js?3717:10) at Object.<anonymous> (popupBuilder.16b8cdda1f18e941ab62.js:3761) at n (bootstrap 16b8cdda1f18e941ab62?48ae:19) at Object.<anonymous> (popupBuilder.16b8cdda1f18e941ab62.js:10113) at n (bootstrap 16b8cdda1f18e941ab62?48ae:19) at bootstrap 16b8cdda1f18e941ab62?48ae:65 at bootstrap 16b8cdda1f18e941ab62?48ae:65 (anonymous) @ index.js?3717:10 (anonymous) @ popupBuilder.16b8cdda1f18e941ab62.js:3761 n @ bootstrap 16b8cdda1f18e941ab62?48ae:19 (anonymous) @ popupBuilder.16b8cdda1f18e941ab62.js:10113 n @ bootstrap 16b8cdda1f18e941ab62?48ae:19 (anonymous) @ bootstrap 16b8cdda1f18e941ab62?48ae:65 (anonymous) @ bootstrap 16b8cdda1f18e941ab62?48ae:65
There's a message on the support forums about the options window not opening if you have the Gutenberg Editor. So I turned that off, and still not opening up the option windows. Seems like a great idea for plugin, too bad it doesn't work.
This popup builder works perfectly well and offers lots of great features. I especially love the possibility to link it with a button to let customers open it again. Also the feature to show it only once and tehn only after some time again is great. Only thing that could be improved is time to open it after having closed it is minimum 1 day. Still this is a very easy and beautiful and flexible Popup Builder! Thank you!
Amazing plugin can't believe that more is getting added to an already great plugin.
This is an amazing plugin. It is so easy to use and really powerful. Thank you to the developer/s on building this plugin. This will become my default plugin with beaver builder. It does everything it's supposed to and more. Hats off to you for an excellent plugin.


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