Whydonate – FREE Donate button – Crowdfunding – Fundraising


With Whydonate’s donation button plugin, you can accept donations directly on your WordPress website. Place the button anywhere on your site and start raising funds instantly. This plugin is easy to install and very customizable. No coding knowledge required.


Host a crowdfunding campaign
Host your own crowdfunding campaign on your own website. Including a progress bar, target amount, a number of days left, etc.

Peer 2 peer fundraisers
Add multiple peer 2 peer fundraisers to your own website. Each fundraiser can have its unique donation button and style.

One time and recurring donations
Donors can choose to donate one-time or opt for a recurring monthly/yearly donation.

With the plugin, Whydonate also provides a dashboard, which gives you an overview of your fundraisers and your donors.

Create new fundraisers
Once you install the plugin, you can also create fundraisers directly from your WordPress site. This also allows you to set the end date and target amount for your fundraiser. You can also place multiple buttons, each with its own style and associated fundraiser.

Completely customizable
You can customize the donation form, the look of the button as well as the placement of the button. Adjust these to suit your needs, such that they blend with your website branding. The plugin’s responsive design is adaptable on mobile, laptop and PC.

Multiple payment options
Several payment options are available with this plugin, including credit card, PayPal, VISA, Bancontact, iDeal, SEPA, Sofort, Belfius, ING HomePay, KBC/CBC, making it easier for your donors to donate to your fundraiser.

Interact with donors
With each donation, an automated email is sent to your donor to thank them for their contribution. The Whydonate dashboard also provides a comprehensive view of your donors so that you can send them personalized thank you emails.

Need help?
Our support team is always available to help you via chat or email.

Built by crowdfunding and fundraising expert, Whydonate
The Whydonate donation button plugin is developed by the Whydonate Foundation. Founded in 2012, the Whydonate Foundation has consistently helped individuals and organizations to raise funds online. Whydonate aims to promote the efficiency, sustainability, and transparency of the charity sector.
To know more about Whydonate, visit https://www.whydonate.eu.

For any questions, you can contact us directly via email: hello@whydonate.nl.
For more information about this plugin, visit the Whydonate website > https://www.whydonate.eu/donate-button-plugin/?lang=en


  • Donation button plugin settings - You can adjust the button and the corresponding form yourself.
  • Donation form on your website - The donor fills in the period, amount and personal information.
  • Donor administration dashboard on Whydonate - Your personal dashboard where you can view and personally thank all donors.


1 Install the WordPress plugin
1.1 Find the “WP-Whydonate” plugin in the “New plugin” menu and click “Install now”.
1.2 Activate the plugin via the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

2 Connect this plugin with your Whydonate account
2.1 Enter your Whydonate API key in the given input field. To get your input key, open your Whydonate profile (https://www.whydonate.eu/profile) and click on the “API Key” menu. Here, you can generate a new API key.
2.2 If you are not a Whydonate member yet, sign up on https://www.whydonate.eu and follow the step above.

**3 Setup your widget **
3.1 Create a new widget by choosing the campaign and a style.
3.2 If you do not have any fundraisers on your list, you should create one.

4 Add the widget to your WordPress website
4.1 To add a donation button to your website, place the shortcode on the desired page or post. The shortcode of each widget can be found in WhyDonate > Widgets menu and looks like [whydonate id=abcd].

5 Customize your widgets
5.1 You can customize the widgets so they have different fundraisers or styles associated with them. All your widgets can be viewed in the left sidebar > Whydonate > Widgets.
5.2 You can customize the styles of the button based on the branding or color scheme of your website. All your plugin styles can be viewed in the left sidebar > Whydonate > Styling.


Can I get help with the installation?

Yes, you can! You can contact us by email at hello@whydonate.nl. We are happy to help you!

Do I need to be a registered (non-profit) organization?

No, that is not necessary. Whydonate allows both individuals and organizations to raise funds on the platform.

Can I change my donation form?

Yes, that is possible. You can make changes to the form via the Styling menu.

Can I send donors to another page after making a donation?

Yes, you can decide on what page you send the donors back. You can set this while creating each widget in the Create widget menu.

Can I thank my donors?

Yes, you can send a personal email to every donor from the Whydonate dashboard. In addition, every donor receives an automatic confirmation of the donation by email.


this plugin is very easy to place on our website and get collect donations
The plugin contains outdated code. This code creates a problem with rendering the SSL certificate. I recommend the author to change the code to the modern HTTPS version. Well thank you
Nice plugin! It helps us to receive the donation on our own website without any hassle. It has a simple 3-4 steps process to be done to set up the button. It also has a feature to customize the styling of a button and widget so that it looks inline with the design of our website.
This first WordPress donation plugin offers a lot of great features with Zero upfront fees.You can get donation from individual and charity with secure multiple payment gateway.it is user friendly and mobile responsive also easy to use.I will go with 5 star(*****)


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任何人均可瀏覽程式碼、查看 SVN 存放庫,或透過 RSS 訂閱開發記錄


Release date March 2018
* Initial release.

Release date July 2018
* Bug fixes
* Added new payment methods
* Updated readme file

Release date September 2019
* More customization options
* Support for multiple buttons
* Updated readme file
* Bug Fixes

Release date October 23rd 2019
* Added new options no widget and do not show box
* Some styling bug fixes
* Added missing translations
* Deployed with pipeline

Release date December
* Doner is anonymous bug fix
* Making donation bug fix
* Separate confirmation page for successful and unsuccessful transaction

Release date January
* Bug fix
* Performance improvement

Release date January
* Date picker bug fix for macOS
* Performance improvement
* Styling Changes of select no widget
* Sentry implementation

Release date March
* Minor Updated
* Bug Fixes

Release Date May 11
* Add Tipbox
* New design
* Database persistance

Release Date May 13
* Bug fix Tipbox

Release Date May 14
* Bug fix and performance improvements

Release Date May 21
* Fix styling issues

Release Date May 29
* Update donor information bug fix

Release Date June 16
* Bug fix

Release Date July 6
* Active installations
* Negative amount bug fix
* Fix styling issue on style configuration
* Optimized version

Release Date July 14
* Bugfix negative tip amount not allowed

Release Date August 31, 2020
* Bugfix same title fundraiser not allowed

Release Date December 17, 2020
* Bugfixes double text and some styling issues

Release Date September 02, 2021
* Fixed breaking changes caused after variable name change in backend

Release Date September 23, 2021
* Fixed Other Amount input field

Release Date October 13, 2021
* Added reset css
* Fixed popup

Release 26 October 25, 2021
* fix missing semicolon