This plugin has been closed as of 2023年7月27日 and is not available for download. 原因:安全性問題。


Spambots abuse this plugin even after you remove it. ‘How is this possible?’ You ask. Trust me, ‘vampire bandwith’ is a b!tch. Be warned. Dont use.
We were forced to shut down a site because of this plugin. Plugin was deployed to send spam by 3rd party. Be careful using this plugin.
I would strongly advise against using this plugin at all. I noticed thousands of spam messages being sent from POST requests directly calling the ‘send-mail’ function. Looking at the code for version 5.9, the only validation it does is a check for a valid recipient address, and there are no anti-spam features. According to the changelog, from version 5.3 a CAPTCHA was removed and “form accept submission only from your website domain” – referrers are forged by bots, and this is no protection at all! I don’t think this is ever likely to be a workable approach to sending mail to an arbitrary address, even with a CAPTCHA. Better solutions for this are: (a) don’t allow the visitor to modify the subject line or content at all; or (b) create a mailto: link so the visitor can edit related text but send through their normal email system.
I installed this widget on home page and the home page just went all grey. Shame there isnt a simple clean Tell a friend plugin out there!
1. Add translation files 2. Write js files on jQuery 3. Avoid of using ID attribute in form (You can not use the code multiple times on a page). The code must be more generic. 4. Add to shortcode option to add URL (other than current page) Thank you


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