This plugin has been closed as of 2022年1月6日 and is not available for download. 原因:安全性問題。


First of all, the Shortcut did not work. I had to manually add them in html, so the only benefit was, to be able to chose by the pictures without searching for documentation and copy&paste from elsewhere. But it made my site incredible slow. I mean slow like I could go make me a coffee while waiting for it to load, while it's normally less than 0.5 seconds. I tested to place some of the icons I need and then just deactivate the plug-in, cause if it doesn't have to run constantly and than not slowing down, i could live with that. But no...! Not only my site was still so slow, the font was not working anymore, too! Which is ridiculous, cause I did not used the shortcuts (as they didn't work...) but inserted the html and if the font-files still there and linked, it should be working. In conclusion, it does not even install the fontfiles properly!
It is very good, it is simple, it makes your purpose very well to be able to import custom icons
The idea of ​​this plugin is great! But it does not work. The icons do not appear. There are only white boxes Too bad! An update?


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