WP Console – WordPress PHP Console powered by PsySH


WP Console brings the renowned PsySH directly to your browser. PsySH serves as a runtime developer console, an interactive debugger, and a PHP REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop).

To utilize WP Console, simply write your code within the code editor, then press Cmd-Enter (mac) or Ctrl-Enter (win/linux) to instantly view the output in your browser.

Moreover, you have the option to employ PsySH alongside wp-cli by executing the command wp shell. Notably, wp-cli comes with inherent compatibility for psysh. All that is required is the activation of WP Console to leverage this feature.


  • Powerful code editor powered by Ace Editor.
  • Real-time autocompletion for PHP core and WordPress functions, complete with placeholders.
  • Introducing _dump as a more versatile alternative to var_dump, leveraging the capabilities of Symfony VarDumper.
  • Instant access to debug.log contents, with the added convenience of clearing them directly from your browser.
  • Enhanced shell experience courtesy of psySH, facilitating advanced interaction through wp shell.
  • Customizable code snippet functionality, compatible with VS Code supported code snippets. Explore examples like these WooCommerce snippets.

Please note that certain PsySH commands, such as ls, doc, show, and magic variables like $_, $__class, are not currently supported in the browser console.

👉 WP Console uses Gutenberg packages and components to ensure a seamless and user-friendly UI/UX.

Getting Started

To begin using the plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Activate the plugin within your WordPress setup.
  2. Look for a quick link labeled “Console” in the WP Admin Bar on the right-hand side (see the second screenshot below).
  3. Click on the “Console” link to access the WP Console panel.

Security Concern

WP Console explicitly verifies the presence of the manage_options permission to render the user interface and execute various functions. However, it’s important to note that this plugin is not intended for use on a production server.


  • Basic input output
  • How to open the browser console
  • _dump command
  • Vertical splitted window
  • Live Autocompletion
  • Autocompletion with placeholder
  • Display errors
  • wp shell command
  • Get debug.log contents
  • Clear debug.log
  • Add/Edit custom snippets
  • Custom snippets in action


Thank you for building this. WPCodeBox, for example, doesnt have a way of testing output of code. They claim to, but it doesnt work. This does!
The straightforward installation and seamless integration with the WordPress admin dashboard make it a joy to use. The plugin's features, like syntax highlighting and error detection, are second to none, making PHP debugging and command execution a breeze.
Good plugin. Thank you!
Super useful for testing functionality and inspecting WordPress data.


“WP Console – WordPress PHP Console powered by PsySH” 是一個開源的軟體。以下的人對這個外掛作出了貢獻。



2.4.0 – August 09, 2023
* Add support for PHP 8.0+.
* Update psysh version to 0.10.12.
* Update Ace Editor version to 1.23.4.

2.3.1 – July 31, 2022
* Update script version of ace.

2.3.0 – July 27, 2022
* Add code execution time in console output panel.
* Use ace.js with custom namespace to avoid conflict with other ace.js source.
* Fix snippet manager module style.
* Use verticle split as default in console panel.
* Fix error handling for PHP v5.6.
* Fix some UI issues in different WordPress versions.
* Add wp-env and e2e testing with Jest using wp-scripts for developing the plugin.

2.2.0 – November 22, 2020
* Add custom code snippet support. You can use VS Code supported PHP code snippets now.
* Add Copy Output button.
* Enqueue scripts only for manage_options capability owners.
* Improve handling uncaught fatal errors.
* Add Twenty Twenty theme compatibility.
* Set default values for user Console settings in REST API.
* Fix horizontal output scolling issue for vertically split console.
* Fix close button get disappear in WooCommerce admin pages.
* Fix error line no in console editor.

2.1.0 – April 14, 2020
* Lazy load React components to improve performance.
* Use a single store source for all components.
* Reset console responses after close app window.
* Fix navigation button icon css for WP v5.4.
* Resize editor screen after toggle split mode.

2.0.0 – December 11, 2019
* Revamp UI/UX.
* Add Ace editor as code editor plugin. Remove CodeMirror.
* Live autocompletion with placeholders.
* Option to vertically split editor and output window.
* Add ability to clear debug.log.
* Restrict plugin UI and REST APIs for users who have manage_options capability.

1.5.0 – November 07, 2019
* Tweak – Change dump function name to _dump to resolve conflict with wp-erp.

1.4.0 – November 02, 2019
* New – Save code editor history in localStorage.
* Tweak – Use wp-scripts for assets build process.

1.3.0 – October 26, 2019
* New – Fetch debug.log contents.
* Tweak – Support PHP version 5.6.

1.2.0 – July 27, 2019
* New – Add autocompletion data(WP functions, PHP booleans, constants, functions, keywords).
* New – Add codemirror closebrackets, matchbrackets addon scripts.
* New – Show error stacktrace.

1.1.0 – June 25, 2019
* New – Use output buffer handler.
* New – Add build process.
* Tweak – Remove unnecessary code.

1.0.0 – June 21, 2019
Initial release.