This plugin has been closed as of 2022年1月6日 and is not available for download. 原因:違反授權/商標相關規定。


Thanks for the great plugin. However, we have updated2.0.0 the plugin. I can't upload videos. I do not want to display unnecessary small images below the main image.
This does add a video to the gallery but not in the row below the main picture. Once its playing it keeps playing even when you choose another picture. And because it does not show in the row you can not select it again Refresh page would do the trick but by then my customer is on the highway to the next webshop. So unfortunatly because of the chance of loosing customers i have to give it a 1 star rating. for functioning i would give a 2.5 star rating
I've Tested Almost All Plugins But Only This One Worked Good So Far... I Only Miss The Autoplay And Loop Video Options If You Can Add! 🙂 Thanks In Advance
Great plugin. Works perfectly to display a video as my product image. I was looking at one plugin that did the same thing and they wanted $54.00. Another wanted $21. I will donate to this developer because it works great. I was happy to try it first before forking out cash. Awesome!~


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