Women's Refuge Shielded Site


Now any website can be a place of refuge. If you need help but are worried about repercussions from a controlling or abusive partner, this is a safe way to find it. With The Women’s Refuge Shielded Site, victims of domestic violence access a shielded portal through which they can contact us, find out how to make a plan to safely get out of a dangerous situation, learn how to stay safe online and get answers to questions about what comes next – all without fear of it showing up in their browser history for anyone else to find.

The Shielded Site is simple to add to any company website and is designed to work on desktop, tablet and mobile.

By including the Shielded Site tab on your website, you’ll be helping victims living with domestic violence to safely get help. We invite all New Zealand businesses – or anyone who manages their own website – to get involved.

Note: This plugin follows the example given on the Shielded Site website, and therefore embeds a link to a hosted JavaScript file from their website. Additionally, clicking the Shielded Site image generated by the shortcode or widget from this app is explicitly designed to display another (external) websites’ content over the top of your website.

You can view the Shielded Site’s Privacy Policy by following the link, or viewing their website.


  • Add the shield to your site via a Widget in the Appearance editor
  • Control the size of the shield icon, and the DOM ID elements of the embedded shield, and the modal popup
  • Use the size selector to display a smaller shield
  • The shield can also be displayed as a button
  • You can also embed the shield as a shortcode if you'd prefer - valid options for the size are "large" (default), "small", and "button"
  • Users clicking on the shield icon on your site will be displayed the Shielded Site in a modal pop-up, allowing them to seek help without leaving a trace in their browser history.


Is this an official Shielded Site plugin?

No. The plugin has been provided by the author, who wanted an easy way to include the Shielded Site features (https://shielded.co.nz/) on their WordPress websites, but could find no neat ways of doing so.

How can I include the shielded logo on my site?

The plugin provides two options
1. You can insert the [womens_refuge_shield] shortcode where you want it on the page.
2. You can insert the Widget into where you wish to use it.

What options are available?

You can control to look of the icon by changing the icon_size parameter (valid options: large (default), small, or button).

For the more technical users, you can also affect the ID of the inserted image using the element_id parameter, and the ID of the modal overlay using the modal_id parameter.

Can I control the styling?

Yes. The link image is inserted to your site inside a


div> element, with a class of “.wrss_container”.

Can I include more than one version on my page?

Yes. However you should note that only the last one on the page will activate when you click on it, due to a limitation from the code provided by https://shielded.co.nz


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“Women's Refuge Shielded Site” 是一個開源的軟體。以下的人對這個外掛作出了貢獻。


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  • Multi-lingual setup
  • Assets created (Banner, Icon, and Screenshots)
  • Tested against 5.7.1
  • SVN config


  • Changes requested by WordPress approvals team
  • Enqueue external scripts
  • Stable Tag alignment.


  • Release to WordPress Plugin repository.


  • Extended features to allow a widget instead of just shortcode.


  • Initial version allowing embedding via shortcode.