WooCommerce Order Splitter


WooCommerce Order Splitter plugin allows you to split an order into multiple orders within the WooCommerce admin panel. This is particularly useful for managing large orders that need to be divided for processing.


  • Easily split an order items into new multiple orders with specified quantities.
  • Adjusts quantities in the original order based on the split.
  • Ensures accurate cost calculations for the new split order.
  • Return the new split order back to the original order.
  • Controllable order status, shipping fee, email sending for the new split order.


  1. Open Order: Navigate to the WooCommerce order edit page for any order that you wish to split.
  2. Split Order: Click on the “Split order” button. If the order status is selected in the settings, a new section will appear allowing you to specify quantities for the split.
  3. Specify Quantities: Select orders and enter the quantities for each item that you want to move to the new orders.
  4. Create New Order: Click the “Split it” button. The plugin will create new orders with the specified items and adjust the quantities in the original order.
  5. Settings: Remember to set the options as you wish before split an order (WooCommerce > Settings > Orders)


  • This plugin does not handle stock management for the split items. Ensure to adjust stock levels manually if required.


For support or any suggestion, feel free to contact dev@yoohw.co.



  1. Upload Plugin: Upload the wc-order-splitter folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate Plugin: Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Prerequisites: Ensure that WooCommerce is installed and activated.


great tool for splitting orders. customers sometimes decide they do not want to wait for half their order that’s out of stock so with this plugin i can easily make 2 orders. had a bug w 1.2.2 but after contacting the developer, they quickly issued an update that fixed the problem. awesome customer service.


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  • Improved: Optimize the orginal & splitted labels at Orders page.


  • New: Added the original & splitted labels at Orders & Edit order pages.
  • New: Added Bulk return action at Orders page.
  • Improved: Remove splitted order ids when returns to the original order.
  • Improved: Added the logic to handle the email sending actions for the sites using the filter to defer WooCommerce transactional emails.


  • New: Split to multiple orders.
  • Improved: Minor bug fixed.


  • New: Brand new OOP codes under the hood.
  • New: Permission option for shop manager.
  • Improved: Avoid to split all quantities in the order.
  • Improved: Small bugs fixed.


  • New: Return the order back to the original.
  • New: Set order statuses that allow to split or return.
    Note: Only the ‘processing’ status has set as default. You have to go to the settings to set more if you wish.


  • Order Splitter Settings added.
  • Exclude shipping fee optional.
  • Disable order email optional.
  • Minor improving.


  • A serious error fixed.


  • First released.