Variable Column Block


WordPress has completely changed the editing experience by introducing block-based editor (earlier Gutenberg). It definitely has brought more power to content editing.

This plugin will work as add-on to WordPress ‘Column’ block which will allow you to add variable width column block to editor.

If you are looking for dividing your page/post content into two non-equal width then this plugin is for you.


  • Click on 'Block Inserter' button from editor
  • Select 'Variable Column' block.
  • Adjust column width according to your requirement.
  • Here is the output of 'Variable Column' block.


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Variable Column Block Allows you to add variable width block into your post/page.


Install from WordPress plugin dashboard

  1. Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select ‘Add New’;
  2. Search for ‘Variable Column Block’;
  3. Install & Activate ‘Variable Column Block’;
  4. That’s really it!


Where can I find ‘Variable Column’ block in WordPress?

Edit any post/page with block editor and click on Block Inserter on top-left corner next to site logo. Inside Search box, search for ‘Variable Column’ to find the block and click it.

How can I resize column width?

To resize column width, you just need to select ‘Variable Column’ block and drag range control displayed under ‘Column Width’ label from block settings on right.


The idea is neat, but I think using JS on the front-end is a bit overkill and bad for the UX. The layout is created on when the document finishes loading, so with a bad network or a heavy content on the page it looks jumpy. I'd use a specific class on the wrapper element, like first-col-XXX, where the XXX is the width of the first column. And then I'd use CSS to style the first child, like flex-basis: XXX and so on..
2019年6月13日 1 reply
After installing this plugin, all my existing columns took on the variable column's width settings. This plugin is not limited to only its own variable column block.
I liked the concept, and the interface of changing column proportion was easy. However, two deal breakers when used on the final WordPress block editor (on WP 5.0.3): 1. It breaks the CSS for the standard WP columns on the front end 2. It behaves like a block, not a block container. With standard WP columns, I can add sub-blocks underneath. This just gives me one single content area, that is difficult to format within.


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  • Update plugin assets.


  • Change readme.txt


  • Fix – Update plugin assets


  • Fix – broken block due to recent WordPress core component updates.
  • Introducing block.json for developer and performance benefits.


  • Major release – Now it is possible to add other blocks within Variable Column Block.
  • Fixed the issues reported on plugin support page.


  • readme.txt correction.


  • “wp-editor” added in wp_register_script. “RichText” block is moved to ‘wp-editor’ component, previously was ‘wp-blocks’ component.