TrueInsights – Website Insights as Narratives


TrueInsights is a simple, powerful business intelligence platform that tracks, stores, and analyzes platform activity and provides insights as narratives.

Eliminates the need for a complicated setup of business intelligence tools with a Data Warehouse and an in-house IT staff to manage it all. TrueInsights also uses machine learning models to track anomalies and alerts on traffic spikes or increased usage.

Narratives are fully customizable, so you can focus on the important insights with help of the portal. We also deliver narrative insights via email.


  • SignIn & activate plugin
  • Portal websites list
  • Narrative insights in portal


  1. Activate the plugin and Signup to complete the activation.
  2. Use the Settings -> “TrueInsights” to configure the plugin.
  3. Use the Settings -> “TrueInsights” link to visit the portal, where you can view and manage the generated insights. The insights will be delivered to your email as well.


What events do TrueInsights tracks?

TrueInsights tracks page visits, button clicks, and link clicks.

Where can I find Terms & Conditions?

Is this a free service?

We offer a free plan to track the first 100K visits per month to all our new users. You can then upgrade your plan by visiting


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