TourSys Connect


TourSys Booking Engine Plugin is easy way for you to add Tour and Transfer bookings to your travel website.
Leveraging the TourSys backend enables you to quickly add a booking engine to existing WordPress site.
With minimal backend setup, you can have a safe, reliable booking system running on your website in no time.
The plugin gives you the ability to add a Booking Button or Booking Form to your WordPress site.
Shortcode for the button/form should be configured to send product and booking details to the TourSys Booking Engine.
Users must have a TourSys account and loaded products in order for the plugin to successfully connect to the booking system.
See how it works below.


  • Add a Booking Button . . .
  • or a Booking Form to your existing product pages.
  • Customise the button colours and the form styles through the plugin’s settings.
  • Once you have set up your Tour or Transfer products in the TourSys backend . . .
  • with details and prices . . .
  • you will be able to connect them to the plugin buttons and forms on your WordPress product pages.
  • Customers booking your products will be taken to the TourSys Connect Booking Page where payment can be made through a variety of options.
  • Bookings details will then be passed into your TourSys account for you to followup. TourSys Connect Booking Engine supports multiple payment methods and includes all the tools you need to support your customers.


Default settings

If not set, the plugin will use the global css settings for button and text colors.

Incorrect product ID’s

This will not break the plugin, but booking engine page will return an error.
Ensure that your product ID’s are set correctly.

Beware of smart quotes

A smart quote: ’ will break the shortcode, make sure to use plain quotes: ‘


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