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Interactive video, Quiz, Product recommendations, Video chat, Video maker

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Interactive video, Quiz, Product recommendations, Video chat, Video maker


Interactive video, Quiz, Product recommendations, Video chat, Video maker

A new way to communicate with interactive video!

Tolstoy’s simple, easy-to-use, interactive video platform steers viewers to the right content for them.

In eCommerce, video & media are necessary for businesses to succeed. Adding video ensures that customers are twice as likely to complete purchases & stay on your site for much longer. That’s why Tolstoy’s video maker created a way for you to directly communicate with every customer – through interactive video! It’s easier than ever to create professional videos that customers love to interact with.

The best part? Our video maker is super simple. You can create your own interactive video with one click. Choose a goal, and add the video to your site.

Tolstoy helps stores take their eCommerce video marketing to new heights with interactive video.

Some ways to use Tolstoy

  • Integrate Tolstoy with Klaviyo, Gorgias, Hubspot, Zapier & more!
  • Add TikTok- to your store to sell products
  • Reduce cart abandonment with exit-intent video popups!
  • Get feedback, video reviews & testimonials
  • Offer discounts and email capture with video email pop up and boost your store subscribers
  • Import social media to easily create a video widget, video background, or video banner
  • Create a video quiz to upsell products
  • Add interactive FAQ video chat
  • No code, 1-click installation makes set up simple
  • Increase personalization for website traffic with engaging video content
  • Discover your market & uncover what your customers really want
  • Boost shopping cart value with pop-up widget-maker
  • Welcome site visitors with a personal touch
  • Great for product discovery
  • Offer discount codes within your video
  • Automatically answer popular support questions to lower ticket volume
  • Explain (and show!) complex products & product categories
  • Boost personalization by recommending best-selling products

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  1. Sign up for Tolstoy.
  2. Create your first Tolstoy.
  3. Install tolstoy plugin.
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugins menu bar.
  5. Go to Settings -> Tolstoy and paste your Tolstoy’s App Key.


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