TGG WP Optimizer


This plugin is a collection of various WP tweaks like controlling number of post revisions, cleaning up wp_head(), disabling block editor, emojis, trash, XML-RPC etc. Simply change the settings as per your requirements.

Plugin Options

Disable Emojis
Stops js/css code related to emojis.

Remove Blocks CSS
Turn it on if you don’t use blocks editor.

Remove Gutenberg Duotone CSS
Removes the inline CSS added by WP recently.

Remove WLW Manifest Link
Remove the link link to the Windows Live Writer manifest file.

Remove RSD Link
Remove the link to the Really Simple Discovery service endpoint.

Remove WordPress Generator Tag
Remove WP Generator Meta Tag

Remove Feed Links
Remove RSS feed links.

Remove REST Link
Remove WordPress REST API link.

Remove OEmbed Links
Remove oEmbed discovery code.

Remove Shortlink
Remove short links of posts.

Remove DNS Prefetch Links
Remove DNS prefetch code.

Disable Autosave
Disable auto saving of posts.

Show Post/Comment Actions Links
Show comment/post actions links without hovering over the item.

Redirect to post/page on publish/update
Get redirect to front end after you save/publish a post.

Enable Classic Editor
Disable block editor and use classic editor instead.

Enable Classic Widgets
Revert to old classic widgets.

Disable XML RPC
Disable XML RPC, a security risk.

Remove URL field from comment form
Remove URL field from comment form. May not work with some themes.

Disable author sitemap
Disable sitemap of site authors.

Disable category sitemap
Disable sitemap for post categories.

Set image caption on upload
Auto set caption after image upload. File name will be used as caption.

Disable WordPress Email Verification Prompts
Stop WordPress from confirming your current site email.

Change excerpt ellipsis to ‘…’
Replace […] with ‘…’ for excerpt.

Excerpt length (Number of words)
Change length of post excerpt.

Empty Trash Time
Change trash time or disable trash.

Number of Post Revisions
Set number of post revisions or disable post revisions.


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