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Chances are that your website is getting lots of traffic from outside of your country. Now you can easily translate and localize your entire WordPress website into over 170 languages with one plugin in a matter of minutes.

There is no complicated coding needed. The plugin works as a simple translation tool for all your language needs. It is also SEO-friendly so, search engines will index the translated pages naturally. Perfect if you are looking to reach more customers, boost sales, and expand your business.

With the Translate WordPress with TextUnited plugin, you can turn your website multilingual with just a few clicks. Visit to learn more!


We get it. Many companies fail to make their websites accessible in other languages because translating content is costly and time-consuming too. The days of manually translating your website content for a foreign audience are a thing of the past.

By installing the Translate WordPress TextUnited Plugin, you gain access to automatic translation, as well as professional services, of content across your website – saving you time, money, and effort.

The translate wordpress plugin allows you to select from different translation processes for individual pages and posts. You can start with machine translating individual pages and then improving the translations in-house, using your translators, or ordering professional translation services.


Language Selector: The plugin allows you to easily configure your Language Selector widget to fit your website’s UI. Currently, you can choose to have Text, Flag, or Text with Flag. Also, you can decide the position of the widget itself.

Assign a translator directly: Besides adding the languages that you’re going to translate your website into, you have the option to assign a translator (or team member) directly from the plugin. You can translate your website into multiple languages at once with only a few clicks and from one place.

Choose how to translate: When adding a language, you can pre-select the Machine Translation option. When selecting this option, the TextUnited system will scan the content of your site, or the selected pages, and run it through a third-party engine, saving you a lot of time on the initial step. Then, all that is needed to be done, is correcting and editing to make sure the translation is perfect. This, of course, can be done by your team.

However, what about translating your site without tying up your employees? Outsource to us and let TextUnited do the project management work for you in the background. With over 3000 freelance translators, we are sure to find the right person for your content and in any language.


  • The Overlay Editor to edit machine-translated content in the graphic context of your website.
  • The embedded Translation Memory Technology, which reduces the cost of translation and increases linguistic consistency of your translated content.
  • The embedded Terminology Technology, which helps with maintaining the same voice across your entire website, in all the languages.


Text United is a web-based, fully-featured translation management system in the cloud, which allows you to translate various content types including text, image files, web pages, and HTML files. Whether it’s a single variable or a complete site — Text United offers a simple way to manage all your translations, as well as ordering professional services all from the same platform.


  • Language list and Translators
  • Language Selector
  • Language Selector in menu


  1. Unzip all files to the wp-content/plugins/text-united directory
  2. Log in to WordPress as an Admin
  3. Navigate to Plugins.
  4. Find the “Text United” plugin and click on Activate
  5. Connect to your Text United account*

To start using the plugin, you need to have an active TextUnited account. Don’t have one? No problem. Sign up now for a 14-day FREE TRIAL.


Problem installing Translate WordPress with TextUnited?

Please contact TextUnited Support and feel free to generate inquiry to get immediate support.

Why TextUnited Translation Platform is the best?

Text United is a cloud-based, full-service translation platform that aims to help companies make the translation process fast and smooth, so translations cost less and are ready even faster.

  • In-Context Website/E-commerce Multilingual solution makes your website localize
  • Automatic translation helps visitors to read your site in their native language
  • Self Service- decide who will translate (In-house or outsourced)
  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Translation of documents and software
  • Media transcription and translation
  • Online and desktop CAT Tool
  • Professional translation
  • Customizable language selector settings
  • SEO-friendly so, search engines will index the translated pages naturally

Outsource to us and let Text United do the project management work for you in the background. With over 3000 freelance translators, we are sure to find the right person for your content to translate your site in multilingual or in any language.

Shatter the language barrier for your business with our powerful multilingual translation software for wordpress sites.

Is it FREE?

Yes!!! We have free and paid multilingual translation versions with advanced features.

Translate WordPress with TextUnited is authentic?

Translate wordpress sites with right tools for the job. Don’t be mislead by the elegant and intuitive nature of our UI – Beneath the hood is a dynamic suite of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools to simplify and expedite your multilingual translation process.

Translation Memory with Context for 100% and fuzzy matches mean you’ll never translate the same word between a language pair twice. Reduce the cost of human and machine translations by reusing translated content.

Terminology Management and Glossaries take advantage of the industry-specific words and brand-specific terms your company makes use of. They ensure your unique terminology is consistent across translations, maintaining the true identity of your brand voice – no matter the language speaking it.

Quality Assurance (QA) As-You-Type, enables you to take advantage of on-the-fly QA Warnings and Quality Assurance Reports as well as In-Country Review (ICR) functionality. Spot any problems immediately, as they are typed and stamp out costly errors in translation and localization before they can spread invisibly throughout your content.

Translation In Context equips translators with all the contextual information they need to produce high-quality, accurate translations. Whether as previews, screenshots, reference files or using our Overlay Editor the context for your translations is only ever a click away.

Communicate in the language of your target audience. TextUnited’s solution for wordpress translation does not involve any coding, thus making it easy for you to reach more customers, boost sales, and expand your business.

Is there any coding required for TextUnited multilingual translation?

No, there is no additional coding is required to translate your wordpress site.

Which languages are supported?

You can localize your wordpress site to over 170 languages in minutes. Translation and localization can be done in minutes.

Is Translate WordPress with TextUnited is SEO compatible?

There is no complicated coding required. The plugin works as a simple translation tool for all your language needs. It is SEO compatible, search engines will index the translated pages naturally. Perfect if you are looking to reach more customers, boost sales, and expand your business. For SEO friendly features and multilingual SEO Translated WordPress, TextUnited plugin is the best solution.

How does my free trial work?

Your risk free trial provides unrestricted access to TextUnited’s Essential plan for 14 days. You will be able to choose another plan and begin your subscription at any time during or after your trial. No credit card is needed until you have selected a plan and confirmed your subscription type in the dashboard.


Installed to translate my small website. Straightforward installation and could create a free account right from the WordPress dashboard then, hey presto, let the machine translation do all the work! When I start adding more text-heavy content, I think I'll leverage their human review to refine the translations. The Overlay Editor is a really neat touch too, and the Customer Support was top-notch throughout whenever I had a question
I searched and tried many word translating plugins, ultimately found textunited plugin, which was easy to install and very useful tool for my blog. Technical support was required for the first time when I installed it. Now my blog has multiple language options. Did the job perfectly. Wishes.


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1.0.19 (02/12/2021)

  • fix for default language

1.0.18 (01/12/2021)

  • css fix for round flags

1.0.17 (24/11/2021)

  • fix for subfolder

1.0.16 (23/11/2021)

  • increase timeout

1.0.15 (17/11/2021)

  • description update

1.0.14 (09/11/2021)

  • fix for shortcode

1.0.13 (07/11/2021)

  • fix for svg flags

1.0.12 (06/11/2021)

  • fix for bootstrap in admin panel

1.0.11 (27/10/2021)

  • media translation instruction

1.0.10 (13/10/2021)

  • added media translation option

1.0.9 (06/09/2021)

  • performance fix

1.0.8 (06/09/2021)

  • quick edit fix

1.0.7 (01/09/2021)

  • categories fix

1.0.6 (22/08/2021)

  • added hreflang tags

1.0.5 (11/08/2021)

  • api request fix

1.0.4 (25/07/2021)

  • release for wp 5.8

1.0.3 (21/06/2021)

  • 404 error fix

1.0.2 (08/05/2021)

  • Bulk edit fix

1.0.1 (20/04/2021)

  • Fix for default language in language selector
  • Estonian flag fix
  • Cache bug fix

1.0.0 (28/03/2021)

  • First release