Syncee for Suppliers


Syncee is a global B2B platform for dropshippers, retailers, and suppliers. For suppliers Syncee Marketplace is a great platform where they can sell their products to 60,000+ dropship retailers all over the world expanding their WooCommerce store’s distribution network easily.

Grow Your Retailer Network

Seize the opportunity to be part of a network of trustworthy suppliers from US, CA, EU, UK, AU, AS, and all over the world. On Syncee Marketplace there are millions of ready-to-sell products from reliable suppliers with fast shipping. Would you also like to sell your stock easily here? Join Syncee now, and reach more potential retail partners!

Quick & Easy Onboarding and Product Synchronization

The onboarding for suppliers is quick and easy, Syncee has a user-friendly platform. The product integration via your WooCommerce store is very simple, and you can access useful pricing and catalog settings too. Provide your own shipping details, company description, and every other useful information to resellers.

Automated Uploads & Updates

The application automatically manages product data uploads and updates on a daily basis directly from your WooCommerce store into Syncee Marketplace and into your retail partners’ stores. We make sure our clients can avoid overselling.

Automated Order Synchronization

The application will automatically forward those orders to your WooCommerce account which are paid by the retailer in Syncee. After this, you just simply have to fulfill the order. Payments go from the retailer to the supplier directly through a secure channel.

Free of Charge

For suppliers it is completely free to use Syncee and to be listed in Syncee Marketplace with their products. There are no set up fees, no hidden fees, and no commission. It is a great opportunity for you to expand your retailer network for free!

Dropshippers and Wholesalers

There are both dropshippers and wholesalers listed in Syncee Marketplace. In the intelligent search tool retailers also have the chance to choose which logistic method they prefer and can decide accordingly.

Enjoy the benefits of Syncee as a supplier

  • No set up fees, no commission, no hidden fees
  • Over 60,000 potential retailer clients globally
  • Quick & easy onboarding
  • Auto Product Uploads & Updates
  • Auto Order
  • In-app supplier-retailer live chat
  • Private supplier solution: You can choose to be able to work with only those retailers you bring
  • Approval system: Pick who you allow to sell your products
  • Add your recommended price margin
  • Free support


  • Easy onboarding process for suppliers.
  • Sell more by being a listed supplier.
  • Integrate your products directly via your store.
  • Automated order processes for WooCommerce suppliers.


How much does it cost to use Syncee as a supplier?

For suppliers it is completely free to use Syncee and to be listed in Syncee Marketplace with their products. There are no set up fees, no hidden fees, and no commission.

How do I reach out to Syncee’s customer support?

You can contact Syncee’s support team by email at, via in-app chat or the website’s live chat. If you have a question you can also check the Help Center for useful articles.

What are the requirements to be a listed supplier in Syncee Marketplace?

You need to have your physical inventory and quality, unique products so you can be listed in Syncee Marketplace. You also need to be a reliable company with a short lead time. Syncee prioritizes suppliers located in the USA, Europe, and Australia, but we are open to all suppliers globally who fit our requirements.


Terms of Use

Visit the Syncee plugin’s Terms of Use page

Privacy Policy

Visit the Syncee plugin’s Privacy Policy page


After installing and activating the Syncee plugin, click on the Syncee menu in your WordPress admin’s side bar. You will have to allow Syncee to access your WooCommerce store via API. When you are ready with it, you have to register to Syncee. You will be redirected to its individual registration page ( This registration is needed so your WooCommerce store can be connected to your Syncee profile. When you are ready with these steps, you can use Syncee with your WordPress WooCommerce store, and can search for and also upload products to your store via the plugin.
For more details on how Syncee works, read the plugin’s Help Center.


Very good app, in other supplier applications I have to update my products manually and in Syncee it is automatic, as well as the support service is good, they give a quick solution.


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