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Boost Sales with WooCommerce Direct Checkout, Fly Cart and Side Cart, Live Sales Notifications, Floating Notification Bar and More Essential Features for Every WooCommerce Site!

The StoreGrowth plugin is an all-in-one bundle for WooCommerce, offering more than eight modules to enhance sales funnels. It addresses the difficulty of installing multiple plugins by reducing the burden and improving website performance. Compatible with various WordPress themes, it allows full control over design and customization, including a real-time preview of changes. This plugin is designed to attract and encourage visitors to purchase, increasing sales and creating a positive impact on your business.

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WooCommerce Direct Checkout

WooCommerce Fly Cart and Side Cart

WooCommerce Live Sales Notification

WooCommerce Floating Notification Bar

WooCommerce Upsell Order Bump

WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer

WooCommerce Stock Countdown Progress Bar

WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar

WooCommerce Direct Checkout: This feature redirects users to the checkout page after adding items to their cart. It simplifies the checkout process, reducing the likelihood of abandoned carts and speeding up shopping for a better experience and increased sales. Highlights include:

✅ Transforming the “Add to Cart” button into a “Buy Now” button.
✅ Option to place a “Buy Now” button alongside the “Add to Cart” button.
✅ Specific product targeting for the “Buy Now” button.
✅ Fully customizable design for the “Buy Now” button.

Quick Cart: Adds a side cart to the WooCommerce store, allowing shoppers to easily add or remove items and proceed to a one-click fast checkout. Highlights include:

✅ Real-time updates of product subtotals.
✅ Seamless addition or removal of items.
✅ One-click checkout.
✅ Customizable design and cart details.

Live Sales Popup Notification: Enhances sales and conversion rates by displaying recent sales alerts to store visitors, creating trust and a sense of urgency. Highlights include:

✅ Pre-made templates available with one-click application.
✅ Fully customizable template design and message.
✅ Options to display sales notifications for the latest or specific products.

Floating Notification Bar: Increases conversion rates with a floating announcement banner. It informs visitors about the latest deals and discounts. Highlights include:

✅ Action button targeting specific offers or products.
✅ Highly customizable floating bar designs.
✅ Adjustable positioning for the notification bar.
✅ Targeting specific pages for display.

Free Shipping Label and Progress Bar: Encourages customers to increase their cart value by offering free shipping incentives. Displays a progress bar for orders over a certain amount. Highlights include:

✅ Real-time display of the free shipping progress bar.
✅ Options to create free shipping offers or discounts.
✅ Setting a minimum cart value.

Checkout Upsell Order Bump: Offers upsell opportunities during checkout with tempting additional products, without interrupting progress. Highlights include:

✅ Specific category or product targeting for upsells.
✅ Custom days for enabling upsell offers.
✅ Various order bumps for targeted products.

Stock Count Progress Bar: A visual representation of available stock for a product, encouraging timely purchases. Easy to set up and customize.

Sales Countdown Timer: Showcases a flexible countdown timer, motivating customers and drawing attention to products, boosting sales during campaigns.

Key Features:

1. Intuitive React-Based Admin Panel:

✅ Effortlessly navigate our super-fast and clean admin panel built with React for a seamless user experience.

2. Customizable Design Options:

✅ Modify the design of every feature directly from the admin panel, giving you full control over the look and feel of your store.

3. Interactive Preview Panel:

✅ Visualize changes in real-time with an interactive preview panel for each module, ensuring a perfect match with your store’s aesthetics.

4. Broad Theme Compatibility:

✅ Seamlessly integrate StoreGrowth with a variety of popular WordPress themes for a versatile user experience.

Documentation and Support

Explore our comprehensive documentation and tutorials on our Documentation page to make the most out of StoreGrowth features.

If you have additional questions or need assistance, please visit our support forum on the Plugin’s Forum.

For detailed information about features, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and comprehensive documentation, visit our official website at StoreGrowth.



  1. Upload the StoreGrowth – Sales Booster for WooCommerce plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly. Just search with this plugin name StoreGrowth – Sales Booster.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Sales Booster admin menu to configure the plugin


What is WooCommerce Sales Booster?

StoreGrowth – WooCommerce Sales Booster is a robust plugin designed to enhance sales and boost conversions on your WooCommerce store.

How do I activate my pro plan?

Go to the StoreGrowth website or click here to choose a pro plan.

Is StoreGrowth compatible with other WordPress themes?

StoreGrowth is compatible with various popular WordPress themes and creates an amazing experience with sales booster modules.

How can I get support?

Storegrowth has a 24/7 dedicated developer team to provide support for any inconvenience.

Do you have a documentation guide?

StoreGrowth has a detailed document guide to learn how you can use the plugin and customize the design according to your website. Learn More

Can I set up campaigns for specific products?

Yes, You can set up a campaign for specific products. Go to WordPress dashboard > Products > select the product > sales countdown > then set sales start to end date and discount percentage. Learn More

Will it affect product loading time?

StoreGrowth is a lightweight plugin that reduces the impact on the website performance to ensure fast loading time.

Can I show different upsell products bump for specific products?

It is easy to set different upsell order bumps. Go to StoreGrowth dashboard > create new > select targeted products and category > select offer products and your order bump is ready. Learn More

How does the stock progress bar help to increase sales?

Real-time stock progress creates a missing-out scarcity. Therefore before stock finishing customers secure the desired product.

Will quick cart show real-time updates and subtotals of products?

Yes, After adding a product it shows subtotal, and also products can be added or removed from the quick cart.

How does the floating notification bar work?

StoreGrowth floating notification bar displays ongoing offers and discounts while visitors are browsing the website. It creates great attention and helps to convert visitors into sales.

StoreGrowth has all the amazing sales booster modules for WooCommerce store. A sales booster strategy is a quicker and simpler way to attract visitors to browse more and encourage them to purchase. It creates a positive impact on your customers. Furthermore, skyrocket your business growth.


I am using StoreGrowth, and it's a game-changer for my shop. It has essential features like Floating Cart, Direct Checkout, and Live Sales Notifications all in one plugin. This allowed me to deactivate all other similar plugins because StoreGrowth offers all these features combined. As a result, it has increased my site's speed. The admin interface is nice and clean, and most of the features are unlocked and easy to use.
Used this on one of my ecommerce websites. The set up was pretty easy and implementation was smooth. Used specifically the Sales Countdown Timer and Free Shipping bar. To my astonishment I found that the engagement from potential customers had increased significantly. Would definitely recommend this to anyone and will personally use on other projects in future.
StoreGrowth plugin made a noticeable difference in my WooCommerce store. It enhances the shopping experience for my customers, and I've seen positive reactions from them. The live sales notifications create a sense of trust, and the quick cart simplifies the checkout process. It's a valuable addition to my WordPress site. Thanks to the Invizo team for this practical solution.


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