Sticky Header Effects for Elementor


Sticky Header Effects for Elementor adds options to Elementor Pro to change the header styling when the visitor starts scrolling down the page. Choose the scroll distance to change the header height, background color, and bottom border. Other customizable features include transparent header, shrink logo, change logo color, background blur, and hide header on scroll down.

This plugin is cross-browser compatible and fully responsive. Meaning it will work on all browsers as well as tablets and mobile devices.

This plugin is meant to be an add-on to Elementor Pro page builder as it’s not a standalone plugin.


  • Options panel built-in to Elementor Pro’s advanced section options. – Settings are right where they should be without cluttering up your workspace.
  • Apply options on scrolling – The scrolling distance for the Sticky Header Effects to be applied is responsively adjustable for the best results in any situation.
  • Transparent Header – Uses position to move header section down on top of the page. No need for problem causing negative margins.
  • Header Background Color – Options for header after scrolling with full HEX, RGBA, and Color Name support.
  • Bottom Border – Allows user to change the color and thickness of the bottom border upon scrolling.
  • Shrink Header – An effect which changes section min-height to maximize space and achieve a slim style without losing functionality.
    (Remember that the “shrink” effect is limited by the height and padding of the header content. See the F.A.Q.)
  • Shrink Logo – Ability to adjust the logo height after scrolling
    *Change Logo Color – Change the logo image color before or after the user scrolls. Useful for switching header design from monocromatic to full color
    *Blur Background – Add a modern blur effect to a semi-transparent header background color after scrolling
    *Hide Header on Scroll Down – Hides the header if scrolling down, and shows header if scrolling up. Has selectable distance to start the effect.


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  • Settings built-in to Elementor Pro.
  • Main settings panel.
  • Current effects settings.


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 5.3 or greater
  • PHP version 7.0 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater

Installation Instructions

  • Make sure that you have installed Elementor Free and Elementor Pro Page Builder. This is not a stand-alone plugin and ONLY works with Elementor Pro.

  1. Install using the WordPress built-in Plugin installer, or Extract the zip file and drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Pages > Add New
  4. Press the ‘Edit with Elementor’ button.
  5. Add a header section or container.
  6. Now you can find ‘Sticky Header Effects’ option under the section’s or container’s ‘Advanced’ tab.


Why isn’t the “shrink” effect working?

The header cannot shrink smaller than the objects inside of it!

The “shrink” effect is restricted by the size of the content in the header section. Such as logos, images, menus, widgets, and also all of the padding and margins of those elements. This also inclused the padding and margins of the sections and columns themselves.

To get the best “shrink” effect use these settings:
* Set the top and bottom padding to 0px on your sticky header section, column, and elements inside of it.
* Set a custom logo and other image height(you can leave the width blank for “auto”).
* Set the header section height to “min height” and adjust it to your desired height.

Basically what happens is that the content of the header is “too tall” to shrink down anymore.

Is this a standalone Plugin?

No. You cannot use Sticky Header Effects for Elementor by itself. It is a plugin for Elementor Pro.

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes. It will work with any WordPress theme that is using Elementor Pro as a page builder.

Will this plugin slow down my website speed?

Sticky Header Options for Elementor is extremely light-weight. You also have the option to enable or disable individual features for betterer performance.


The desktop options seem to work, but trying to integrate on the mobile side is a headache and creates more problems. Even when the sticky option is supposedly only enabled on the desktop, it carries over to my iphone still. If a transparent background is enabled, that works on the desktop, but again on the phone, the sticky header sits like a normal header but without the hero div appearing underneath it (though it works fine in desktop mode or when adjusting the desktop browser to a narrow view). This seems only really reliable on a desktop view but forget about trying to design and then getting it all to work on the mobile side. [Update] I’m going to add a star since I’m still in the middle of troubleshooting what the exact problem is here.
2024年6月27日 1 reply
Guys, really big big thanks for the update! After it, the plugin works even better than elementor pro header builder, really appreciate your job, keep it up!
2024年2月13日 1 reply
Thank you for this shortcut / timesaver. Well done and it works perfect.
2023年11月21日 1 reply
A nice extension that takes a lot of coding out of your hands. It’s easy to fix your header, but a lot of work to make it look good. Sticky Header Effects for Elementor does that for you. What’s even better is the support. I had several problems I couldn’t solve. Within 48 hrs I got a reply. Not only was my problem solved, but some helpful suggestions to improve on it as well. Highly recommend!
2023年11月11日 3 replies
I wish I would’ve users plug-in from the very beginning! I highly recommend this plug-in to anybody who wants a sticky header. It is a no-brainer to set up.


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  • Maintenance: WordPress 6.5 compatibility update


  • Maintenance: WordPress 6.4 compatibility update


Fixed: Javascript bug with sections
Fixed: Header width bug
Tweaked: Optimized CSS


Fixed: Shrink logo bug
Fixed: Shrink header bug
Fixed: Transparent header bug
Fixed: All CSS color and size transitions
Added: Compatibility with new elementor “mega” menu
Added: Ability to override logo color change on elements using class “not-logo”
Tweaked: Logo color change optimized so “full color” option no longer overwrites elementor css settings


  • Fixed: Transparent header bug


  • Fixed: Shrink header bug
  • Fixed: Bottom border color and size transitions
  • Added: Compatibility with new elementor “mega” menu
  • Added: Ability to override logo color change on elements using class “not-logo”
  • Tweaked: Logo color change optimized so “full color” option no longer overwrites elementor css settings


  • Tweaked: Logo transition CSS for image widget
  • Tweaked: Logo color CSS for image widget
  • Maintenance: WordPress 6.2 compatibility update


  • Fixed: Js bug
  • Fixed: Logo color not changing on scroll
  • Fixed: CSS for smooth transitions
  • Konwn Bugs: Shrink logo/header


  • Reverted to 1.5.5 only with container compatibility


  • Fixed: Section height bug


  • Fixed: Js bug
  • Fixed: Container shrink bug


  • Fixed: Shrinking Logo bug
  • Fixed: Container support using Elementor free
  • Fixed: Logo color change set to none doesn’t remove CSS filter settings
  • Added: Disable/enable completely transparent header
  • Tweak: Changed logo color settings to be more clear
  • Maintenence: Optimized CSS for v2.0
  • Maintenence: Optimized JavaScript for v2.0
  • Maintenence: Optimized Elementor controls for v2.0


  • Fixed: Shrinking Logo bug
  • Fixed: Header section top position
  • Maintenence: Optimized CSS code


  • Fixed: Shrinking Logo bug


  • Fixed: Gap above mobile header bug


  • Fixed: Gap above header bug


  • Fixed: WordPress admin bar bug


  • Fixed: Gap above header bug


  • Added: Compatibility with Elementor Containers
  • Maintenance: WordPress 6.0 compatibility update


  • Maintenance: WordPress 5.9 compatibility update


  • Fixed: Misc Bugs


  • Fixed: Hide header bug


  • Fixed: WP admin bar bug


  • Maintenance: WordPress 5.8 compatibility update
  • Fixed: Header width bug
  • Update: Better responsive Worspress admin bar handling


  • Fixed: Full color logo after scroll bug


  • Fixed: Bugs


  • Fixed: Gap above header bug


  • Added: WordPress 5.5 compatibility
  • Added: Elementor 3 compatibility
  • Added: Hide on scroll down feature
  • Added: Blur background feature
  • Added: Before and after scrolling logo color options
  • Fixed: Opera browser hash links not activating scrolling effects
  • Fixed: Editor handle bug
  • Fixed: All labels and descriptions to help with user operation
  • Fixed: Various code optimizations
  • Fixed: Transparent on mobile bug
  • Fixed: Stretched section broke transparent header


  • Fixed: Transition CSS


  • Fixed: Bugs


  • Added: Shrink Logo feature


  • Fixed: Hook on the new Elementor Pro 2.4.7 version


  • Removed: Stretched section condition


  • Added: Compatibility with the new Elementor 2.1.1 version
  • Fixed: JavaScript error


  • Removed: Sticky Header feature(Elementor fixed theirs)
  • Added: Transparent header feature
  • Added: Compatibility with the new Elementor 2.1 version
  • Added: Change javascript to external file
  • Fixed: Bugs


  • Fixed: Bugs


  • Fixed: Bug where section didn’t move to top of page


  • Added: Sticky header feature
  • Added: Bottom border feature
  • Fixed: Bugs with tablet and mobile responsive modes
  • Fixed: Padding issues when using the “shrink” effect


  • Initial stable release