Simple Gallery with Filter


Create simple gallery with filter option by using this plugin, very simple create isotop filter gallery it will use for gallery, portfolio, team, services by category, simply use by shortcode and widgets.

With the latest version (v2.0) of our Simple Gallery with Filter plugin, we’ve introduced masonry-style layout, enhancing the visual appeal of your galleries. Now, you have even more control over your galleries with the ability to easily add and remove pictures. The individual gallery option lets you customize each gallery independently, tailoring them to your specific needs. Enjoy the upgraded features and take your website’s galleries to the next level!

You will get shortcode to use this anywhere, as well as you will get widget too. very lightweight, FREE TO USE, simple way to add gallery with filter option


  • Gallery with thumbnail
  • Filter option
  • Easily set coloums
  • Fully Compatible to all devices
  • masonry Style
  • Multiple gallery option
  • Gallery with or without filter option
  • Shortcode Available
  • Use as widget too
  • Free to Use

Shortcode for gallery with filter
Shortcode – [c2tw_sgwf]
Shortcode with specified width – [c2tw_sgwf width=’WIDTH_IN_PX‘]
Shortcode with 2 coloum – [c2tw_sgwf cols=’2’]

Shortcode for gallery without filter
Shortcode – [c2twsg id=”GALLERY_ID“]
Shortcode with specified width – [c2twsg id=”GALLERY_ID” width=’WIDTH_IN_PX‘]
Shortcode with 2 coloum – [c2twsg id=”GALLERY_ID” cols=’2′]
Shortcode with masonry – [c2twsg id=”GALLERY_ID” cols=’2′ style=”masonry”]


  • Wordpress Backend plugin view.
  • Simple Gallery with filter frontend view.
  • Wordpress Filter Category.
  • Filter active menu view.
  • Simple Gallery with filter widget.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload simple-gallery-with-filter folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Add widget to your prefered location through the ‘Appearance’ menu in WordPress.
  4. or Add shortcode [c2tw_sgwf] to your post or page.


How to use with shortcode ?

easily use [c2tw_sgwf]

also, you can custom button text and width size with:

[c2tw_sgwf col=’COLOUM_NUMBER‘ width=’WIDTH_IN_PX‘]

How to create gallery without filter ?

By using this shortcode – [c2twsg id=’GALLERY_ID‘]

Can i make gallery with masonry style ?


Is it free or paid ?


Is it compatible to all devices ?


Can i cantact you for any support or customization ?

YES, you can reach us at or




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  • Version 2.0