Show Posts list – Easy designs, filters and more


“Swift Posts” makes it easy to list content from your website. Just use this shortcode in the content editor, and you’ll see a list of your desired posts/custom posts:


Filter by Category

To only show posts within a certain category, use the category_id parameter:

[swiftpost-list post_type="your-post-name" show_cat="false" category_id="your-category-id"]

Show as other designs

You can create a great-looking, different kind of designs with some styling. Here’s how!

Post per page
You can use post per page option to limit the numbers.

[swiftpost-list post_type="your-post-name" posts_per_page="4"]

Include Image, Date, Author
To include an image, date, and author, use the following:

[swiftpost-list post_type="your-post-name" show_image="true" show_date="true" show_author="false"]

You can use any image size added by WordPress (thumbnail, medium, medium_large, large) OR any custom image size added by your theme or other plugins.

Sort the list however you like
By default the listing will list the newest content first, but you can order by title, menu order, relevance, content type, metadata, and more.

Full Documentation
Click here to get full documentation.


  1. Upload swift-post-list to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Add the [swiftpost-list] shortcode to a post or page.




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