Lightweight Sidebar Manager

Create new sidebar areas and display them conditionally on certain pages. Works with all themes.

Brainstorm Force 100,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 6.1.1 測試過 更新於 3 個月 之前

Ocean Custom Sidebar

Generates an unlimited number of sidebars and place them on any page you wish. Go to Theme Panel > Sidebars to create your custom sidebars.

OceanWP 40,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 6.0.0 測試過 更新於 8 個月 之前

SMK Sidebar Generator

This plugin generates as many sidebars as you need. Then allows you to place them on any page you wish.

Andrei Surdu 30,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 6.2 測試過 更新於 2 週 之前

Fuse Social Floating Sidebar

This plugin allows you to add social media floating sidebar icons connected with your social media profiles.

Daniyal Ahmed 20,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 6.1.1 測試過 更新於 3 個月 之前

Sidebar Shortcode

Add sidebars to WordPress posts and pages using shortcodes with a sidebar Name or ID.

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Sidebar Manager Light

Create custom sidebars (widget areas) and replace any existing sidebar so you can display relevant content on different pages.

OTWthemes 2,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.9.5 測試過 更新於 11 個月 之前

Sidebar Content Clone

Sidebar Content Clone is a WordPress plugin that allows you to clone all widgets from one sidebar to another sidebar by one click.

Gaurang Sondagar 700+ 次運作中的安裝 在 6.1.1 測試過 更新於 3 個月 之前

Image Widget

A simple image widget that uses the native WordPress media manager to add image widgets to your site.

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WP Custom Fields Search

Build search forms to provide custom search functionality allowing search of built in post fields, custom fields via a variety of different inputs and …

Don Benjamin 3,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.4.12 測試過 更新於 3 週 之前