Smart phone field for Gravity Forms

A simple and nice plugin to get auto country flag from user ip address on gravity form phone field.

KaisarAhmmed 7,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 6.0.2 測試過 更新於 4 個月 之前

Country & Phone Field Contact Form 7

Add country drop down with flags and phone number with country phone extension fields in contact form 7.

Narinder Singh Bisht 20,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.9.4 測試過 更新於 7 個月 之前

Contact Form 7 – Phone mask field

This plugin adds a new field in which you can set the phone number mask or other to Contact Form 7.

Ruslan Heorhiiev 30,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.6.9 測試過 更新於 2 年 之前

Click to Call Button

Small floating click to call phone button for your website

Digital2Web 600+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.8.5 測試過 更新於 10 個月 之前

International Telephone Input for Contact Form 7

Addon for Contact Form 7 that creates a new type of input for entering and validating international telephone numbers. It adds a flag dropdown, detect …

Damià Rita and Yordan Soares 10,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.9.4 測試過 更新於 8 個月 之前

Speed Contact Bar

Let your website visitors get in touch with you easily with permanent visible contact informations.

Kybernetik Services 9,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 6.0.2 測試過 更新於 2 個月 之前

Byteplant Phone Validator

With the Byteplant Phone Validator plugin you can easily verify if a phone number is really valid and callable (

Byteplant 100+ 次運作中的安裝 在 6.0.2 測試過 更新於 3 個月 之前

CallRail Phone Call Tracking

Dynamically swap CallRail tracking phone numbers based on the visitor's referring source.

CallRail, Inc. 20,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 6.0.2 測試過 更新於 7 小時 之前


Increase calls of the clients who visit your website from the mobile phone. 600+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.7.7 測試過 更新於 1 年 之前

Optimizer Shortcodes – Phone Number

A very simple plugin that turns your phone number into a shortcode. This plugin provides a field and shortcode for your phone number allowing you to u …

Business Optimizer 100+ 次運作中的安裝 在 6.0.2 測試過 更新於 3 個月 之前

Phone Button

Simple plugin that allow you add call phone button to your wordpress site

YYDevelopment 300+ 次運作中的安裝 在 6.0.2 測試過 更新於 1 個月 之前