GD Forum Manager for bbPress

Expand how the moderators can manage forum content from the frontend, from any page showing list of topics or forums.

Milan Petrovic 100+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.7.3 測試過 更新於 8 個月 之前


Integrates Codoforum forum software with WordPress using SSO(Single Sign On)

Codologic 少於10 次運作中的安裝 在 5.5.6 測試過 更新於 1 年 之前

Cleverwise phpBB Statistics

Displays key phpBB statistics from up to three boards on your WordPress site with total control over layout and what is displayed.

Jeremy O'Connell 30+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.8.1 測試過 更新於 2 個月 之前

Private forums visibility

For bbPress – displays private forums titles and optional descriptions to non-logged in users, and optionally hides the prefix 'private'

Robin Wilson 30+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.0.14 測試過 更新於 3 年 之前

bbPress Toolkit

Swiss knife tweaking and hacking Toolkit for bbPress. Set global options and style your forums.

Pascal Casier 1,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 4.9.18 測試過 更新於 4 年 之前

Ziggeo Video for bbPress

This plugin brings video player and recorder (including screen recording) to bbPress forum/community by utilizing the powerful and award winning Zigge …

Ziggeo 少於10 次運作中的安裝 在 5.6.5 測試過 更新於 9 個月 之前

Diagnostic Glance

A Diagnostic Glance at your themes, plugins, system configuration, extensions, modules and site stats — ready to copy into any WP help forum.

Laughter On Water 60+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.1.11 測試過 更新於 3 年 之前

bbPress Notify Admins

bbPress Notify Admins plugin notifies all site admins when a new topic is created or a new reply is posted on the bbPress based forums.

Brajesh Singh( 100+ 次運作中的安裝 在 4.9.18 測試過 更新於 3 年 之前

Shortcodes for Bbpress

BbPress Shortcodes, This plugin contains a quick reference list to the available bbpress shortcodes so you can easily access the shortcodes as a refer …

Press Release Distribution 少於10 次運作中的安裝 在 5.6.5 測試過 更新於 9 個月 之前

Newest replies first in bbPress

WordPress plugin which makes bbPress show the newest replies first in all forums

jeroenpeters1986 20+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.7.3 測試過 更新於 8 個月 之前

myBB Integration by TheCartPress

This plugin is used to register myBB forum user whenever user registered in wordpress. It will also auto login to mybb after user login/register in wo …

TCP Team 少於10 次運作中的安裝 在 5.5.6 測試過 更新於 11 個月 之前

Forum Redirect

Allows you to override the default behavior of bbPress forums, linking them to an external site.

Widgit Team 少於10 次運作中的安裝 在 5.3.9 測試過 更新於 2 年 之前

Simple Buddypress Notifications

Simple Buddypress Notifications allows sites using BuddyPress to have a notifications icon on the site. It also allows a ting sound on the notificatio …

Mohit Agarwal 少於10 次運作中的安裝 在 5.8.1 測試過 更新於 2 個月 之前