Image Hover Effects – Elementor Addon

Add creative image hover effects to Elementor page builder. Easily customize title and content and effects with intuitive interface.

Blocksera 50,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.8.1 測試過 更新於 1 個月 之前

Exclusive Addons for Elementor

Packed with a bunch of Exclusively designed widgets for Elementor with all the customizations you ever imagined. 20,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.8.1 測試過 更新於 1 個月 之前

Elementor Contact Form DB

A simple plugin to store Elementor Pro Form submissions

This plugin stores contact form submissions from the Elementor Pro Form Module in a handy int …

Sean Barton - Tortoise IT 50,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.6.5 測試過 更新於 8 個月 之前

Opal Widgets For Elementor

This plugin provides your everything widgets suchs as header builder, footer builder, woocommerce widget, pricing table, blog, countdown and many more …

WpOpal 3,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.3.9 測試過 更新於 5 個月 之前

Elementor Timeline Widget Addon

Elementor timeline widget addon will showcase your company history or life story in a vertical or horizontal timeline layout.

Cool Plugins 20,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.8.1 測試過 更新於 4 小時 之前

Booster Elementor Addons

Booster Elementor Addons is a creative widgets bundle for the Elementor page builder, it comes with advanced features that boosts the WordPress experi …

Certain Dev 1,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.5.6 測試過 更新於 3 個月 之前

Prime Slider – Addons For Elementor

Best Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin with 30+ Awesome slider design that you can use your modern website with elementor page builder.

BdThemes 30,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.8.1 測試過 更新於 3 天 之前

All-in-One Addons for Elementor – WidgetKit

Everything you need to create a stunning website with Elementor, WooCommerce, LearnDash, LearnPress, and more. Growing collection of premium quality e …

Themesgrove 20,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.7.3 測試過 更新於 4 個月 之前

Master Addons for Elementor

Best Elementor Addons for speed up Design Creativity. Mega Menu, Custom Breakpoints, Header Footer & Comment Form Builder, Custom CSS, Custom JS, …

Jewel Theme 30,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.8.1 測試過 更新於 1 週 之前

PDF Viewer for Elementor

This plugin helps you embed PDF documents to Elementor quickly and easily.

RedLettuce Plugins 30,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.7.3 測試過 更新於 5 個月 之前

Rife Elementor Extensions & Templates

Brings new widgets to be used in Elementor and allows you to import beautiful full page templates for Elementor page builder designed by Apollo13Theme …

Apollo13Themes 30,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.8.1 測試過 更新於 2 個月 之前

Custom Icons for Elementor

Add custom icon fonts to the built in Elementor icon controls

Michael Bourne 30,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.7.3 測試過 更新於 7 個月 之前

Persian Elementor

بسته المنتور فارسی، زبان افزونه المنتور و المنتور پرو را فارسی کرده و 12 فونت های فارسی، قالب ها و بلوک های آماده فارسی، تقویم شمسی برای فرم ساز المن …

المنتور فارسی 20,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.8.1 測試過 更新於 1 天 之前

Post Grid Elementor Addon

Elementor page builder addon to display posts in a grid. Useful for generating post grid from your blog posts with multiple options.

WP Concern 20,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.8.1 測試過 更新於 3 個月 之前

Graphina – Elementor Charts and Graphs

Your ultimate charts and graphs solution to enhance visual effects. Create versatile, advanced and interactive charts on your website.

Iqonic Design 5,000+ 次運作中的安裝 在 5.7.3 測試過 更新於 3 個月 之前