PuzzleMe for WordPress


PuzzleMe™ by Amuse Labs is the best platform to create and publish crossword, sudoku, word search, codeword, krisskross, quizzes and many other game types. Now use our wordpress plugin to publish your puzzles with an easy shortcode.

Start creating and publishing your puzzles in 3 simple steps :
1. Login to your PuzzleMe™ account.
2. Create your puzzle and copy the WordPress shortcode.
3. Paste the shortcode in your page/post, and hit Publish.

PuzzleMe is a registered trademark of Amuse Labs. Usage of the PuzzleMe service is governed by our terms of service and privacy policy.


What type of puzzles do you support?

We support creating and publishing all types of crosswords, word searches, sudokus, codewords, krisskrosses and quizzes. See our demo page for a full list of puzzles.

Do I need to create an account on your website?

While you can initially create a puzzle without logging in, you’ll need to login in order to edit or manage your puzzle or save it beyond 30 days. We recommend using your Gmail or Facebook account to login here. There is no separate PuzzleMe registration or login.

Do my readers need to create an account?

Your readers and puzzle solvers do not need to create an account to solve the puzzles.

What does it cost?

PuzzleMe is free to use for non commercial, personal usage. If you want to use PuzzleMe commercially, please write to us at puzzlemaster@amuselabs.com or contact us.

What if I have other questions about creating puzzles?

Please write to us at support@amuselabs.com


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