This plugin has been closed as of 2023年3月22日 and is not available for download. This closure is permanent. 原因:開發者要求。


2022年3月29日 1 reply
Cette solution n’est rien d’autre qu’une intégration de leur site dans le vôtre afin de vous faire payer par la suite et pomper les données de votre site. À éviter si l’envie est de créer une vraie communauté qui soit indépendante et qui n’a pas de fuites de données vers on ne sait où. Ce n’est pas une solution à envisager si l’on désire autohéberger son site à 100% et pouvoir garder main-mise sur les données des membres du site.
This community/forum plugin integrates with the WP user login smoothly and can be embedded into a WP site. It is easy to setup and use. It keeps adding new features like Chinese language that I needed and many more. Over the year I have asked for support a few times, and their responses so far have been great and speedy. Keep up your good work!
PeerBoard is an easy to use WordPress Plugin designed to allow website creators to add a forum to their site in minutes, with no knowledge of coding required! As someone who interacts with creator economy professionals, I often recommend this plugin (which I also use on my own site). However, describing this plugin as merely “a tool for building an online community” is insufficient. PeerBoard can be used across a wide range of platforms (beyond WordPress) and has numerous integrations with major platforms (eCommerce sites such as Shopify, Course/LMS sites such as Thinkific, to name a few). So yes, PeerBoard is an online community building tool, but in practice it can be used in many ways. One application is to build private niche communities as an alternative Facebook and its ever invasive tracking tools. Unlike Facebook, PeerBoard offers features typically associated with newsletters, such as daily digests, and other ways to communicate more directly with your group members. PeerBoard can also function as an eCommerce customer feedback repository. eCommere store owners can build customer champions at-scale by asking for input and feedback in a transparent forum. Users can build strong and trusting relationships with your customers – provide them with a safe space to interact with each other and discuss important topics. Users can also create a private space inside their community to share the MVP with their most loyal members. This allows store owners the power to fine-tune their product according to customer feedback before launching it for the public. A third use of PeerBoard is as a resource for a information product, such as an online course. Empower your students and offload work from yourself or your support team by enabling peer-to-peer support. You can also enable peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and build a dynamic knowledge base of user-generated content & FAQs. These are just a few of the applications of PeerBoard, but it is clear that the PeerBoard Plugin for WordPress Forums is a leader in the emerging creator space. There are very few downsides to the plugin. It is a newer plugin, so there are the usual bugs/plugin update issues, but this is typical with most WordPress plugins. It is definitely preferable to some of the legacy forum plugins like bbPress, wpForo, or Asgaros (all of which have limited integrations, are to complex to setup, or are not properly maintained and updated).
2021年6月2日 1 reply
I am actually a little frustrated with how close this came to my needs. Easy to use, clean interface, loads of options, perfectly tailored. If I were running my own site with a user board, this would instantly be a solution for me. Unfortunately, I am adminning a site for a nonprofit that can’t afford any perks right now, so I had to uninstall it. Seriously, though, soon as I need a social site, this is my first port of call.


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