Notix – Web Push Notifications


Push Notifications have shown tremendous success in the market over the past few years. These notifications are displayed on the devices of potential users and help to increase their involvement in the product. An instant call-to-action offers a quick and high-quality result unlike many already old-fashioned marketing tools.

Notifications appear on both mobile and desktop devices, including on the phone’s lock-screen.


NOTIX is a Push Notifications service which is already highly technological and trustworthy. It helps website owners, businesses, and affiliates to increase audience engagement and allows to scale the sales. 30% better push-subscriber collection and 30% higher delivery rate on each message sent will help you to achieve higher conversion rates for your business.

NOTIX provides notifications to multiple users and interacts with a higher number of potential clients for any type of business.


  • Notix is free to try!
    Notix provides custom solutions for any kind and size of business. If you have less than 30,000 subscribers Notix is free for you for good. Please check all plans here

  • Monetization
    You can monetize your push subscribers upon request along with sending your own content in notifications. Feature is voluntary, please get in touch with our team in order to turn it on.

  • API Integration
    You can use Notix as it is, or WP plugin, or Notix’ SAAS for developers. In any case, you can get all opportunities from Notix engine.

  • Working with databases of any size
    You can work with databases of any size and the service is suitable for individual and corporate clients.

  • Geo-Targeting
    Geo triggered push notifications allow a business to send information to clients using data obtained from their current or previous locations in order that they can deliver the most appropriate message to the appropriate user.
    For example, the geolocation feature from NOTIX is perfect for informing customers about nearby promotions or events, recommended stores and restaurants, or sending them health and weather alerts. Targeting by city is also available.

  • Device Targeting
    Targeting specific devices is another excellent feature that makes NOTIX a good choice. The user consents in the web-page to receive in-page and on-device alerts. Both desktop and mobile alerts depend on the device’s subscription type.
    This feature enables users to send push notifications to mobile devices with already identified installation IDs who have opted to receive messages. It is always done by consent so there is no potential for misuse.
    As noted, there is also the ability to send desktop notifications that will reach users in their browser. This is a great way to stay top of mind and increase engagement with users.

  • Campaign Segmentation
    NOTIX uses several criteria to segment push notifications, such as browser language, region or geographic indicators, subscription period (or specific date), platform, and browser type.

  • Automation options
    In Notix you can build chains of automated push notifications, by creating repeated messages, scheduled messages, and also by using RSS feeds. You can either connect Notix to your Zapier or Integromat account for working with RSS feed, or you can just paste it in our dashboard without using 3rd party technologies.

  • Analytics
    With NOTIX analytics feature, you can easily identify push notifications with high read rates, identify the most engaging, and notifications with high click-through-rates. With such information, you can refine your push notification messaging accordingly.


  • Notification on Windows
  • Notification on MacOS
  • Notification on Android
  • Plugin on Wordpress plugins list
  • Notix SSP API access page
  • Notix SSP Subscriptions stats page


  1. Install Notix from the plugin directory or by uploading the Notix plugin folder to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Activate the Notix plugin from your WordPress settings dashboard.
  3. Open Notix plugin settings on left side menu.
  4. Follow the instructions on the plugin page.


How to install Notix WordPress Plugin?

Install instructions: link

What you should check before sending a targeted message when you work with the Notix plugin for WordPress?

Usage instructions: link

The plugin does not work. What should you do?

First of all, please check that you have an App ID. To get it, visit link. Please send your questions to the live chat inside the Notix platform if you still have any problems.


After following the entire steps to creating the account on their website, generating APIs, downloading their js file & uploading it to the server, then adding the tag in the head code, the plugin just won't work.. irony is there is no option to delete the tags once you create them, so it kind of keep firing two or more push notifications. also the customizing options (adding our own logo & message) keeps resetting to its default by its own and there is no way you can change it. worst experience
I am writing this review after using this plugin about 3 month & I can say it is one of the best push notification plugin out there for WordPress site with monetization plan and much more.


“Notix – Web Push Notifications” 是一個開源的軟體。以下的人對這個外掛作出了貢獻。




  • Fix collisions – rename service worker variable


  • Added service worker in site root feature
  • Fix resetting status for edit scheduled post


  • Handling scheduled posts feature


  • Add auto send feature


  • Change send logic from checkbox to button
  • Fix and add logs for failed web requests


  • Change Readme features description


  • Fix duplicate push notifications for madara theme


  • Fix duplicate push notifications on create post


  • Fix duplicate push notifications on preview posts


  • Fix tags subscribe/unsubscribe bug


  • Add feature “Notify by tags”. Allows you to place subscribers by the specified tag. Subscribe and unsubscribe them to tags.


  • Initial release of the plugin