This plugin has been closed as of 2023年12月7日 and is not available for download. 原因:違反開發指導原則。


If I found this earlier it would have saved me a ton of time. I was writing an article the other day where I used a lot of group blocks. And it is impossible to select the groups in the editor, you need to open the block navigator in the top left for that. Movable makes that, and all kinds of block handling a breeze! I will make this one of the default plugins I install on a WordPress site. Thanks for this!
2020年4月19日 1 reply
Even though for me this is a 5 star plugin a couple of changes would make things better: 1. Instead of using the inspector move the whole thing on the Top Toolbar next to the Block Navigation. 2. If moving things on the top toolbar is not a viable option, it would be nice if we could rename the block names, so we would have a better picture what's going on, this would useful if we have several similar blocks in the page, like Group, Group, Group... Overall though, this is really good...


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