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Tired of those page builders that tease you with basic blocks and make you pay for the rest? … Maxi is here to break the cycle!

Say goodbye to locked blocks, domain limits, and annoying license keys. With a big library of pre-built templates, designer icons, and innovative features like style cards, Maxi will take your website design to the next level. Plus, it’s free to build and open to everyone.

Loved by page builder enthusiasts, web designers, and template users, our feature-rich plugin is here to make your life easier.

Here’s what users say…

“Ah, and the style cards functionality is genius. So much more advanced than any other WP theme that supports palettes. The product looks great. The icons are fantastic, and for me personally, the style cards will be very helpful.” — Ivan Arnaudov, Freelancer

“I love your philosophy of keeping the plugin and all its features free, rather than hiding some features behind a paywall as most companies do. And then earning your income from professionally designed page and block templates that people may want to buy to speed up their website creation, especially people or companies that have to build many websites. It is a win-win!” — Ani, Early supporter

“I like the settings and the power it offers me. You did a great job with the “one-click design change” that you offer with style cards while offering the power to change everything with the settings.” — A. Ku, Online marketeer

How Maxi can help you build websites faster

Why choose Maxi?

Maxi Blocks stands out for several reasons:

  • Fast customization: Style cards instantly change a template to match your style.

  • Flexibility: Create any layout and design you want without coding or complex configuration.

  • Seamless integration: Works smoothly with WordPress and the Gutenberg editor.

  • Performance focused: Optimized code and minimal bloat to keep your website fast and responsive.

  • Active development: Our team is always working to improve Maxi Blocks and add new features.

  • Thriving community: A vibrant community of users, designers, and developers provides inspiration, support, and collaboration.

  • No locked features: We give free what other page builders charge for. We can do this because we earn income from selling pro templates that save you time. All page builder features are free for everyone.

  • Page speed: Maxi’s front-end-visitor page speed scores are all green for mobile and desktop devices. Run the test and find out.

Features you’ll love

Explore a wide array of tools and templates to enhance your designs:

  • 706+ free patterns and templates: Start your project with a huge library of ready-to-use patterns.

  • 26+ free page templates: More than 70 planned.

  • 13.4K designer icons and shapes: Customize your designs with a wide collection of icons and shapes.

  • Style cards functionality: Change your page or website’s look easily with 100 unique style cards.

  • Pro template library: Enhance your design experience with 852 pro patterns – Plus 2400 designs + 72 pages – coming soon. Take a sneak peek here.

  • You’ll get more variety and inspiration to help you work faster. Pro templates can help you reach new audiences. Have a look at the demo library to see what’s possible.

Maxi components

Build your site with components made for speedy design:

  • Foundation blocks: Begin your designs with essential building blocks.

  • Interaction builder: Link elements and layers together for advanced interactions.

  • Full Site Editing (FSE): Design your entire website, including headers, footers, and content.

  • Cloud template, icon, and style card libraries: Access free and pro patterns, icons, and style cards via our cloud library.

  • Custom Gutenberg blocks: Enhance your experience with 16 custom Gutenberg blocks.

  • Dynamic content support: Add life to your designs with content that adapts to your website.

Design features

Craft responsive, visually appealing websites with a user-friendly editing tool:

  • Responsive design: Ensure your website looks great on all devices.

  • Live visual editing: Make real-time changes with an easy-to-use editing interface.

  • Layer backgrounds: Combine images, colours, and videos for eye-catching designs.

  • Shape masks: Add flair to your images with CSS clip paths and shape masks.

  • Responsive grid with Flexbox: Precise layout control with six breakpoints and Flexbox capabilities.

  • Scroll effects: Add visual interest with subtle scroll effects and CSS transformations.

Integrated design library

Choose from thousands of icons and shapes for a unique look:

  • 13,410 free SVG icons and shapes: Edit icon colour, line, and fill in real-time without extra software.

  • Searchable icons and shapes: Find the perfect icons and shapes easily with our speed search functionality.

  • Optimized for speed: Fast-loading icons and shapes with minimal file sizes for top site performance.

Pro library for production-ready responsive templates

Pro templates give you more variety and original designs. It’s faster and easier to create attractive WordPress pages.

Unlimited downloads. Unlimited sites. No locked blocks.

How many pro patterns are there right now?

  • 852 pro patterns plus (2400 patterns + 72 pages coming soon)

Ready-made patterns include:

  • Accordion
  • Call to action
  • Footer
  • Headlines
  • Hero
  • Icon
  • Image
  • Logo
  • Number counter
  • Pricing tables
  • Story mix
  • Team
  • Testimonial

View the pro demo library

Planned features

Look forward to exciting additions to enhance your design experience:

  • AI tools: Content creation like text and images, integrated with style cards and right where you need it.

  • Additional blocks: Expand your design toolbox with block quotes, blogs, image galleries, and more.

  • Navigation & mega menu: Create responsive menus for seamless site navigation.

  • Full site editing: Further integrate Maxi Blocks for complete site customization.

  • AI templates: We’re planning a library of AI templates for various use cases, like custom chatbots.

  • Nested slider: Display any Maxi foundation block in a slider format with player controls & custom icons.

  • Menu builder: A custom navigation block for responsive menus.

  • Context loop with repeater fields: Speed up your page-building process with this powerful feature, similar to Gutenberg’s “query loop block” but integrated with Maxi’s blocks, container, row, column, and group. It works with the responsive grid and dynamic content.

  • Dynamic content: Soon to implement support for services like ACF, Meta Box, JetEngine & Toolset.

  • See what’s cooking: Check out our roadmap for more info.

Documentation & support

Our resources will help you get started and master Maxi Blocks in no time:

  • Detailed documentation: Step-by-step guides, troubleshooting tips, and in-depth explanations for every feature. Visit our help desk for more.

  • Video tutorials: A library of video tutorials, covering everything from installation to advanced techniques.

  • Dedicated support: A support team is available to address any questions or concerns you might have. Please use the support forums, or the help desk.

  • Full changelog: Please visit our GitHub repo.

Community & contributions

Maxi Blocks is more than a plugin. It’s a community of passionate designers, developers, and users. We welcome your contributions and feedback to make Maxi Blocks even better:

  • Join the Maxi Blocks community: Participate in forums, share your experiences, and connect with other users. Follow us on Twitter or join our discord community.

  • Contribute to Maxi Blocks: Submit your suggestions, or contribute code to our open-source project. Visit our GitHub repo.

  • Share your work: Show off your amazing creations with Maxi Blocks and inspire others with your designs. Use the hashtag #maxiblocks or #madewithmaxi

Get Started with Maxi Blocks

Ready to take your website design to the next level? Download Maxi Blocks today and experience the power of this versatile page builder. Begin your journey to fun web design today.

A note from your designer…

Join us in our mission to provide a user-friendly solution for website creation. With Maxi Blocks, you’ll have a faster, easier, and more enjoyable website design experience. We’re excited to see the websites you create with Maxi Blocks!

Take care, Kyra – Design lead & co-founder of Maxi Blocks


  • Learn to change style cards: Find out how to switch style cards to improve the appearance of your website with our helpful guide.
  • Explore the template library: Discover a variety of block patterns and pages in our extensive library, designed to help you build your website more efficiently.
  • Customize button styles with presets: Quickly adjust your button styles using our selection of presets, making it easier to achieve the look you want on your website.
  • Create background layers for images: Follow our guide to layer images, enhancing the visual interest of your website with this design technique.
  • Improve efficiency with custom block toolbars: Work more effectively using our convenient block toolbars, designed to streamline your website design process.
  • Access the 100 style card library: Choose from a wide range of style cards in our library, featuring global styles to suit various design requirements.
  • Browse the SVG shape library: View our comprehensive collection of SVG shapes, offering versatile design elements to enhance your website's aesthetics.
  • Discover the SVG icons library: Search through our extensive SVG icons library, providing a broad selection of icons to give your website a polished appearance.
  • Customize your style cards: Use our guide to personalize your style cards, giving your website a unique touch.
  • Use the transform function for shape mask layers: Learn to manipulate design elements effectively with our guide on using the transform function for shape mask layers.
  • Set automatic image size ratios: See how to set automatic image size ratios to maintain consistent visuals throughout your entire website.
  • Load an icon from the editing experience: Simplify your design process with our easy-to-follow method for loading icons directly from your editing experience.


Install the Maxi Blocks plugin from the WordPress plugin directory in your WordPress admin dashboard.

  1. Search for “Maxi Blocks”
  2. Then click “Install Now”
  3. Click “Activate” plugin

To use free templates, first edit, or create a new page in WordPress

  • From the page editing view, click the Maxi Blocks icon to open the master toolbar, top left side.

  • Launch the template library and browse for patterns. Insert and start editing.

  • Play around with some patterns to see how Maxi works and how we use blocks to create patterns.

  • Also choose a style card to instantly update your templates to your chosen style.

  • Use the (?) icon to open the help docs for more info and tutorials.

  • Visit our help desk for more.

Helpful links:

YouTube | Pro library | Demo library | | Twitter | Discord community | Roadmap


Do I own what I create?

Absolutely! Your creations are yours to keep. It’s open source and free to build.

How many sites can I build?

There’s no limit to the number of sites you can build with Maxi Blocks. The plugin, blocks and all features are free to use for any purpose, personal or commercial.

Do I need to pay for advanced blocks?

No, all page builder features and blocks are free for everyone. You can build anything you want with Maxi Blocks without restrictions. To help you work faster we offer a pro template library subscription that gives you thousands more templates built with Maxi. Our in-house template creators have years of experience working with Maxi. You can benefit from their skills and save a ton of time by using the templates we create and maintain just for you.

Is Maxi Blocks compatible with my theme?

Maxi Blocks is designed to be compatible with most WordPress themes. However, some themes may have unique styling or functionality that could affect compatibility. We recommend testing Maxi Blocks with your theme to ensure the best experience. Talk to us if you have any issues. Happy to help where possible. Look out for the Maxi Blocks Theme coming soon too.

Does Maxi Blocks work with Gutenberg?

Yes, Maxi Blocks is fully integrated with the Gutenberg editor, providing custom Gutenberg blocks and full compatibility with WordPress’s native editor.

Why don’t you need licence keys with the pro library?

We’re on a mission to make licence keys and domain restrictions go extinct, just like dinosaurs (except without the cool bones). Plus, we refuse to follow the crowd and hold basic features hostage just to sell the “full-version.” With Maxi, your pro templates always stay functional and receive updates indefinitely.

Got a public roadmap

You bet. Check it out here.


I'm impressed by how much does this plugin offer. Advanced features and such a creative library. This is the page builder I'll be using from now!
2023年5月2日 4 replies
There are more tools that have templates or patterns or whatever you can call them. But the problem with them is that either they aren't styled nicely and it is cumbersome to change them to your exact wished. Maxi Blocks has a nicely designed Template library and you can easily style the templates by using one of the predefined style cards. And you can edit the style card like changing colours and fonts and then you can activate them accross all the templates on your page. I've just started playing with it. It seems extremely powerfull too. A small wish would be that the style cards would work cross site instead of on per page basis. You can however easily select a style card you set on another page though. I did a small test and it didn't really affect the pagespeed.
2023年4月28日 1 reply
This WordPress plugin is such a great find! It comes with plenty of options to choose from, allowing you to customize and personalize your experience. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started, and the robust features make it suitable for even the most complex projects. I'm so glad I could find this plugin. It has been a great help for me in starting up my website, giving me the freedom to make it look exactly the way I want. I've also been able to use it to build more complex sites. Whatever your needs are, this plugin will meet them. It's well-documented and supports plenty of features that make it an ideal choice for WordPress users. This plugin is an incredible find for those who are looking for something that offers a lot of options and is easy to use. It's a brilliant choice for beginners and experienced developers alike, and I highly recommend it. I was able to beta test it so I'm excited to see how people use it.



Updates: 10 September 2023

Update: Overhauled styles, metadata, and fonts management processes
Update: Integrated PHP for block and attribute registration
Update: Enhanced code optimization and general performance
Update: Plugin’s user interface for a better user experience
Update: Maxi blocks are now compatible with Synced Patterns (formerly Reusable Blocks)
Update: Strengthened support for Site Editor
Update: Refined error handling for Dynamic Content
Update: Introduced a new loading animation for the Template Library Maxi block
Update: UI enhancements for margin and padding settings
Update: Introduced a new Context Loop icon
Update: Added a character limit option for titles within Dynamic Content
Update: Updated button icon customization with “before” and “after” options in Custom CSS
Update: Optimized native Gutenberg blocks to work seamlessly with Style Cards
Update: Modified scroll effects to utilize the transform property instead of position for better performance
Update: Enabled image positioning without needing the fit wrapper option.
Fix: Corrected column width issue for Repeater
Fix: Fixed transform target for Interaction Builder
Fix: Implemented an option to ensure equal size for Divider canvas
Fix: Adjusted Repeater to set height based on content
Fix: Resolved Repeater’s block movement bug
Fix: Fixed row scheme alterations for nested blocks within rows using Repeater
Fix: Re-introduced the sign-in button for expired plugin activations
Fix: Addressed Interaction Builder target issues with Repeater enabled
Fix: Rectified callout arrow positioning

Updates: 23 August 2023

  • Update: Added Dynamic Content link to the Icon Maxi block
  • Update: Modified PHP code to prevent potential PHP warnings
  • Update: Updated NPM packages
  • Update: Automated tests for compatibility with WordPress 6.3 in the environment
  • Fix: Restored Link Control functionality after WordPress 6.3 update
  • Fix: Fixed the saving of styles after using preview mode in Gutenberg
  • Fix: Corrected the saving of styles when using the autosave feature in Gutenberg
  • Fix: Resolved Maxi database tables creation issue on plugin activation users w/o admin permissions
  • Fix: Image uploading issue when comments were disabled under settings/discussion
  • Fix: Gutenberg block styles in the Editing Experience when the setting “Affect Gutenberg native blocks inside Maxi Blocks” is enabled