LaTeX2HTML makes you write blog like in LaTeX doc. You can just copy and paste to create a new post in WP from your tex source file, then it will looks like amsart document style. It support a lot of raw latex command including theorem like environment and BibTeX style citation.

Main Functions

  • Enable MathJax to render math formula.
  • Translate raw LaTeX (almost all the command of amsart) to HTML+CSS markup.
  • Almost every thing is customizable, but also works perfect by default. e.g., support \newcommand


Good news, this plugin is free for everyone! Since it’s released under the GPL2, you can use it free of charge on your personal or commercial blog.


  • MathJax Setting
    1. LaTeX Setting
  • BibTeX Setting
  • Support


  1. (Recommend: Automatically installation) If you install from WP plugin page, just search latex2html and click Install.
  2. (Manually installation) Extract the zip file (that’s you will get latex2html–A file directory) and just drop it in the wp-content/plugins/directory of your WordPress installation
  3. Then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.
  4. (Optional) Do the Test Example (see FAQ).


Any question can be feed back at there (turn to the support pannel)

  1. After you updating to WordPress 5.0 or higher, in the new new block editor, you can switch to HTML code mode from Visual mode by Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M. Or you can use the Classical Editor.

User’s Manual (included in the LaTeX2HTML’s setting page)

The full User’s Manual contains:

 1.  How to Write the Basic Information of Your Post
 2.  How to Write Section, Subsection and Subsubsection
 3.  Itemize and Enumerate: How to List Stuffs
 4.  The Footnote
 5.  The Color Scheme: How to Colorize You Content
 6.  The Figure Environment
 7.  How to Write a Theorem
   7.1.  Definition, Lemma, Proposition, Theorem, Corollary, Remark, Proof
     7.1.1.  Basic Usage of Environments
     7.1.2.  Assign a Name for Your Theorem
     7.1.3.  The Proof Environment
     7.1.4.  More Examples of Environments
   7.2.  The Problem, Answer Environments
   7.3.  The Exercise Environment
   7.4.  The Quote Environment
 8.  Auto Numbering and Referring Back
   8.1.  Auto Numbering and Referring Back to Equations
     8.1.1.  How to Refer back to Equation Number
     8.1.2.  My Suggestion on “How to Write Equations”
   8.2.  Auto Numbering and Referring Back to Environments
     8.2.1.  Auto Numbering of Environments
     8.2.2.  Referring Back to Environments
   8.3.  Referring Back to Section
 9.  BibTeX Citations
   9.1.  How to Add BibTeX Data
   9.2.  How to Cite
 10.  Last Words and Feed Back
   10.1.  How to Jump Between Links
 11.  How to Get it?

A Test Example

For a test, you can do the following:

\title{Hello LaTeX2HTML}
If $f\in C^1([a,b])$ then
\int_a^b f'(x) d x=f(b)-f(a)
In \autoref{thm:NL} the main part is \eqref{eq:NL}.

Add a new post (it should be in the HTML code mode rather than the visual mode), copy the code into your new post, then preview it.

In fact, after a while you will find that it almost as if you were write your TeX doc rather than a post!


This is one of the best plugins ever for both LaTeX and WordPress users. While the LaTeX part is close to perfection, references still need some refinements to match the quality of the main part.
I tried a couple of LaTeX plugins for my version of WP (v5), none of which worked as expected (I didn’t try very hard to find out why). But this one worked straight out of the box. Very intuitive and easy to use. Kudos!
2018年1月13日 1 reply
我找了很多的数学公式的插件 基本上没有哪个支持这种格式的行内公式: $E=mc^2$ 唯独那个qicklatex支持,但那个只能图片显示公式,速度慢 突然发现这个插件,特别好!完美支持! 谢谢作者!
2017年12月25日 2 replies
A nice plugin! [ link redacted ] And I have some suggestions for improvement: (1)The reference cannot be download; (2)I know that you have develop functions for preview latex codes, why not share it as another plugin or integrate them into this plugin; (3)Add a option: A blank line for new line.


“LaTeX2HTML” 是一個開源的軟體。以下的人對這個外掛作出了貢獻。


LaTeX2HTML 外掛目前已有 2 個本地化語言版本。 感謝所有譯者為這個外掛做出的貢獻。

將 LaTeX2HTML 外掛本地化為台灣繁體中文版。


任何人均可瀏覽程式碼、查看 SVN 存放庫,或透過 RSS 訂閱開發記錄



  • Fixed issue with the “%” character where it was replaced with “%” instead of being ignored, leading to unintended replacements.
  • Adjusted behavior to correctly preserve occurrences of “%” and ignore content after “%” until the end of the line.


  • Fixed erroneous replacement of “\partial” with “tial”.
  • Corrected processing limitation for figure environments, ensuring all occurrences are processed correctly.


  • Fix the bug: “linebreak in matrix”.


  • Fix the % bug, ensuring that it is not ignored when using \%.


  • Improved the process of title/author/address/date
  • Fix the abstract formart
  • Add support fot \textit
  • Support more fixable figure environment
  • Support wrapfigrue environment
  • Support \pageref
  • Support flushright, flushleft environment
  • Support description environment
  • Improved the clean up of preamble
  • Improve the process of $bibitem is empty
  • Add new css for default options


  • fix the figure caption bug


  • fix the figure process bug
  • improve the clean of preamble
  • fix the unable to uninstall bug


  • fix the Error: Non-static method l2h_bibtex_class::l2h_bibtex_keychecker() cannot be called statically
  • fix the Warning: Undefined variable $footnotelist


  • I forgot to update the tag of version.


  • Test compatibility with php 7.4, please note that php8 or upper will not work
  • Fix the includegraphics function, where the url of media is fixed


  • Compatibility test upto wordpress 5.1
  • Fix the \footnote command bug
  • Add thumbnail for plugin


  • Compatibility test upto wordpress 5.0


  • Add the support of \href{link}{text} \url{link}
  • Update the default setting for mathjax cdn:
  • Update the default setting for latex css by adding QED symbol at the end of proof:
      content: "\220E";
      color: gray;
      text-align: right;
      display: block;
      font-size: 1.2em;
  • Update the user’s manual


  • Fix the link source error in setting page


  • Update the translation template


  • Minor fix the css of manual


  • Minor fix: some typo in manual


  • Fix nest list css
  • Add user’s manual on setting page
  • Add instruction of localization


  • Test compatibility upto newest WordPress version( current 4.9.1)


  • Remove duplicate upgrade process, and now users only need to interact when we upgrade from the older version (less than 1.2.3) to the newer one
  • Remove the language file under lang/, only reserve latex2html.pot, because we can use the online translation provided by wordpress
  • Update the online translation guide (under Support & Credit -> How to Localize)


  • Minor fix: correct the typo Excise->Exercise and infomation->Information


  • Minor fix: fix the tag <em>
  • Update compatibility to WordPress 4.8


  • Add: support footnote for math and text
  • update the user’s manual
  • Add FAQ: How to translate it into your native language


  • Fix: the wront text-domain in plugin header: it should be the same as plugin name rather than val2h
  • Add: add Spanish THEOREM like environment header, suggested by S. Ching


  • Fix the missing text-domain tag error in translation
  • Add the supporting of figure environments


  • Check bibtex.bib.txt existence before write bibtex data


  • Move bibtex.bib.txt to uploads root directory


  • Rename the bibtex.bib to bibtex.bib.txt for directly preview by browser


  • Fix the backup bibtex before upgrade


  • New css for print (A4 paper size)


  • fix the remove % bug


Bug fix:

  • The mathjax is not load on homepage with default setting
  • The mysql create syntax error


  • write bibtex original data to bibtex.bib


  • fix the issue of MathJax when speed up by rocket.js of Cloudfare


  • fix the database update function, the methods may not exists


Bug fix:

  • check function/methods exists before the call;
  • fix the translation in content;
  • fix the unable to delete plugin error;
  • update user\’s manual for BibTeX citation support


  • Fix section refer back by \ref{secnum} and \autoref{secnum}
  • Add full user’s manual


  • Totally rebuild based on the newest wordpress functions
  • Add BibTeX style citation support


  • Remove the auto-number function, since this can be down by mathjax after 2.1
  • Change the default mathjax config. to svg


  • Fix the wrong Custom LaTeX CSS Style place.


  • Compatible with Simple MathJaX


  • Change the default “load LaTeX2HTML only for Single Post” into an Option
  • Customlize the LaTeX CSS style
  • Fix the preamble-position bug
  • Add the Chinese language support


  • Add the LaTeX2HTML Demonstration LaTeX Doc
  • Remove the \documentclass... and \usepackage... stuff in the post, this will be convinient if your post are copy and paste from a TeX Doc
  • Add the Demo TeX doc LaTeX2HTML_TeX_Demo.tex and the PDF file which are obtained by run latex LaTeX2HTML_TeX_Demo.tex
  • Add Basic LaTeX \newcommand in preamble of LaTeX2HTML Setting page
  • Update the instruction of LaTeX2HTML Setting page


  • Solve the compatible problem with simple mathjax (if you were not stop the simple mathjax first before updating the LaTeX2HTML, there are the redeclare function error)
  • Add an setting page at the Plugins|Active page


  • Update the readme.txt


  • Integrate the simple mathjax into LaTeX2HTML
  • Only load MathJaX on the single page with math formulae (warped with $ and $ or \[ and \])


  • the original version