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It’s never been easier to display your public Recruitee jobs on your WordPress site. With a simple shortcode [recruitee-jobs company="yourcompany"] that you can use in the editor, in widgets or even in your template files, you can embed your job offers anywhere.


  • departments="UX" Department filtering: Show only jobs from a specific department
  • tags="Master,Thesis" Tag filtering: show only jobs with a specific tag
  • url="" Custom Links: Set the URL to which the jobs link to
  • language="de" Language selection: Choose the language of the displayed texts
  • preview_size="55" Text Preview Length: Choose if and how long the job description should be displayed
  • more="..." Custom Suffix Text: Determine what text should be displayed after the shortened description if it was longer than the preview length
  • raw="0" Raw or HTML: You can choose whether to use the HTML text of the job ad or a simple text excerpt without HTML
  • source="yourcompany.tld" Track where your candidates come from: You can simply add a source to track where the candidates applying for your jobs come from


  • Easily place the shortcode anywhere on you site


How to use the shortcode?

First you have to replace the company tag value by your Recruitee Careers Site subdomain. The scheme looks like this:
Where yourcompany is the subdomain. You can usually find this in your Recruitee administration interface.

In the visual editor you can simply add a new Shortcode block by clicking on the [+] icon.
Then search for Shortcode and click on it. Next you add your own recruitee shortcode like [recruitee-jobs company="yourcompany"]
in the input field. That´s it! 🙂

How do I style the jobs?

Just override the css classes that are used in this plugin. Follow the CSS Cascade to find your best solution
For example you could change the background color of the box:
.recruitee-jobs-container article.recruitee-job {
background: #dcff8c;
Or the text color of the title:
.recruitee-jobs-container a {
color: #322d7e;


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  • Fix: Uncaught TypeError when there is a problem with Careers Site subdomain in the shortcode or no jobs listed.


  • Initial stable plugin verions. Warm greetings 🙂