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JetGridBuilder — Grid Builder for Elementor and Gutenberg

這個外掛並未在最新的 3 個 WordPress 主要版本上進行測試。開發者可能不再對這個外掛進行維護或提供技術支援,並可能會與更新版本的 WordPress 產生使用上的相容性問題。

JetGridBuilder — Grid Builder for Elementor and Gutenberg


Meet JetGridBuilder plugin for Elementor and Gutenberg — free addon for creating wow-grids on your website. Forget about the limits of premade layouts. Put your ideas in motion just by dragging the posts to the desired grid area.

Build the grids for various purposes: posts grid for a blog, product grid for an online store, portfolio or image galleries, grid with advertising banners and events, etc. Crocoblock guarantees that JetGridBuilder plugin is RTL compatible, has the lightest code and most responsive design options in the field.

Unpacking the plugin, you will find 2 widgets inside:

  • Post Grid Builder
  • Terms Grid Builder

JetGridBuilder works flawlessly with ACF, PODS, Metabox, Toolset, and WooCommerce. Create custom post types and product posts, add pages, posts, categories, and subcategories with any of these tools, and be sure that JetGridBuilder will display them dynamically. All you need to do is to arrange the cards in the grid of your design with the help of Elementor and Gutenberg.

Perfect combo with JetEngine

Great news for the adherents of Crocoblock’s JetEngine plugin. Use JetEngine listing as a source of data for your grid to display extra custom dynamic info. JetEngine listing’s stylizations will be applied to the grid instead of the default ones.

The opportunities you get with JetGridBuilder:

  1. Setting of backing grid columns to create a sophisticated grid.
  2. Setting the indent between posts with the help of Gutter.
  3. Adjusting the layout of any difficulty by resizing each card and moving it along the grid.
  4. Aligning the posts automatically with the Vertical Compact Option (you can place the cards anywhere on the grid in case if this toggle is not enabled. But if you turn it on, all cards will be automatically aligned to the top that creates the standard grid view).
  5. Two item style options available by default: standard for the info to appear on the colored background under the image, content overlay to showcase the information on the translucent background over the picture.
  6. Customizable loading spinner (25 amazing spinner types are available).
  7. A great number of style settings for every page element (works only for Elementor; Gutenberg applies its default styles).

We prepared an inspiring demo page, where you can play with the posts: adjust, move, delete or add them. Check out free grid plugin — JetGridBuilder — in action https://crocoblock.com/plugins/jetgridbuilder/

More information

Here are some useful links for you to dive into the details on JetGridBuilder application:


  • Move and resize your items
  • Drag and drop your widgets
  • Add posts with user-friendly interface
  • Move your items anywhere you want
  • Delete the items directly from the editor
  • Control the items layout and style
  • Customize loading animation
  • Adjust items content


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • Terms Grid Builder
  • Posts Grid Builder


Very annoyed and disappointed after more then 2 years experiencing non professional attitude from crocoblock. Support team doesn’t take seriously raised issues and feature request. After more then 2 years of being client, still the same attitude of taking you for a fool. When raising an issue, they do not stop asking always for more details. And after a month explaining them the issue and providing them will all details and access, be sure that your issue won’t be fixed for more than a year.
Hätten wir das Jahr 2005 und es käme im Wesentlichen nur auf die Desktop Version an, gäbe es von mir 5 ⭐️ + Es ist aber 2022 und die meisten Nutzer sind mobil unterwegs. Das Plugin zeigt auf Mobilgeräten die gleiche Anordnung wie auf Desktopgeräten. Das ist nicht zeitgemäß. Der Vorschlag des Supports, unterschiedliche Grids zu erstellen, für die jeweiligen Endgeräte anzupassen und die anderen auszublenden ist nicht zumutbar. Ich baue gerade eine Webseite wo ich auf 30+ Unterseiten Grids anzeigen möchte. Die anpassungsmöglichkeit für Endgeräte ist super wichtig und dann gibt es auch 5 ⭐️


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