igumbi Online Booking


igumbi is a simple and fast online booking tool/ internet booking engine (IBE) for a hotel, apartment or holiday rental website (also an online hotelsoftware/ PMS and a revenue-/ yield-management system).

Stripe can be used to charge the guest via creaditcard or other payment methods automatically at the time of booking.

Used by hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments, holiday rentals: apartments or holiday houses.

The plugin makes the booking tool (IBE) available to your WordPress site, without the need to manually manage free rooms and prices. You will use the igumbi backend to handle your daily business and reservations, send emails via email-templates like offers and confirmations, create invoices, assign rooms, check in and register your guests, track deposits.

The igumbi booking tool (IBE) gives your site visitors dynamic room/ apartment prices based on revenue management methods, which also implement an upselling strategy. This helps you, as the property owner, to earn more and pay less OTA comissions for your online bookings. To connect to other booking portals/ OTAs, like booking.com, HRS or expedia igumbi can be connected to a channel manager. igumbi sends the prices, rules and availabilities to the channel manager. igumbi fetches the reservations (booked, modified, cancelled) from your connected portals via the channel manager. your daily pricesare sent from igumbi to the channel manager and then to the portals/ OTAs.

The plugin is free to use, but you do need an account with igumbi.com.

Create your igumbi account

A 30 day free trial account is available at igumbi.com/trial.
Then go the settings page and get the 7 character hotel code to hook up the online booking tool with the wordpress plugin.

Before you set the booking tool live on your site, ensure that you have entered all reservations into the igumbi backend (at least for the critical dates) so that the correct daily availability can be calculated.

Display the booking tool where you need it

With the new plugin architecture, you can now leverage the flexibility of the shortcodes to display the elements of the igumbi booking tool in your pages or on your widgetized areas (sidebar, footer, header).

Tune the colors of the booking tool by adjusting the CSS

You can overwrite the CSS generated by the igumbi booking tool to match the look and feel of your sites theme in the igumbi backend or via the WordPress igumbi Settings Page.

Check out the official site for details and screenshots.

Talk to us to get Stripe set up

There are a few options of how the booking process can be set up with stripe.com to automate invoiceing and payments:

With Stripe as a payment provider:

  • Full payment with an invoice issued at the time of booking.d
  • Deposit (percentage of total) and a second payment before arrival – usually used by more expensive rentals like longer stays or villas.
  • Only take the card details for optional charging later.

Witout Stripe:

  • Set up the system so that the guests get an email to pay via banktransfer (deposit or full amount)
  • No payment information requires – higher conversion but risk of late cancellations and noshows.

Depending on your desired setup, the email templates that are sent out after booking to the guests need to be customized. We will help you to get this set up properly in a support call.

Embed the Availability Calendars

Availability calendars for the next calendar year are generated for each productcategory. Embed the calendars on your sites page describeing the categories. This is especially useful for villas, holiday rentals and apartments.


  • igumbi Online Booking Tool integrated into a WordPress page
  • The settings page to hook up the igumbi online booking tool
  • igumbi.com trial sign up form
  • Get the hotel code and set the color scheme in the igumbi setting page
  • Reservation table/board in the igumbi backend system – this is where you manage the reservations, invoices and payments
  • Integrate the booking dialog in a Wordpress page with shortcodes


  • Download the plugin, add it to your blog in the plugin folder and activate it.
  • Go to the WordPress settings page (igumbi online bookings) and fill out the details. Get the ‘Hotel code’ from the hotel settings page in igumbi.
  • Add to any page, post, or as a sidebar widget. Integrate with shortcodes [igumbi_dialog] and [igumbi_avform] into your site template. [igumbi_dialog] needs to be placed into your template/page where you want the response of the booking system. You can get all fancy with [igumbi_avform wide=true lang=es] to handle different layouts and languages from within your template.
  • Tweak and overwrite the CSS to match the look of your template via the igumbi backend or the custom CSS field in the settings page in the WordPress backend.


Will this integrate a reservation backend into my WordPress blog?

No, this plugin will help you place the igumbi online booking tool into your WordPress site. To manage your rates, availability and reservations you will use the igumbi backend.

Can the plugin handle payments after accepting the reservation?

Yes it can. If you have a stripe.com account stripe can be set as the payment processor. There are three modes: Charge the whole amount at the time of booking or charge a deposit which can be specified as a percentage of the total amount. You can also just get the card to secure the booking, you can manually charge it later

How can I style of the booking tool to be in line with my theme?

You can overwrite the CSS of the booking tool via the igumbi backend (recommended) or via the WordPress settings page (easier for a designer that maintains to WordPress Installation for a property)

Which languages do you support?

The online booking tool is available in German, German Du (Duzen), English, Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Japense and Polish.

Bear in Mind that you will need to translate the product names and descriptions and the productcategory descriptions for all the languages you want to support via the igumbi backend [Hotel data > Translations]. If you require other languages, we can integrate them if you are willing to help with the translation: there are around 100 words/phrases in the booking tool. We support UTF-8, so Asian languages should not be a problem.

The booking tool uses Javascript, what if there are conflicts (typically image gallery)?

The booking tool uses jQuery but has the “$” function mapped to the “$igu” function. This is the one we use for the Javascript calls. We have tested extensively with other sites and javascript libraries. However the web is vast: if you do encounter an issue, we are very eager to fix it. Please let us know it.


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“igumbi Online Booking” 是一個開源的軟體。以下的人對這個外掛作出了貢獻。


將 igumbi Online Booking 外掛本地化為台灣繁體中文版。


任何人均可瀏覽程式碼、查看 SVN 存放庫,或透過 RSS 訂閱開發記錄


1.38, Feb 6, 2024

  • Check compatability with WP 6.4.3
  • Fix error on the settings page, where the hotel data would not be displayed.

1.37, Okt 25, 2023

  • Check compatability with WP 6.4

1.36, Aug 9, 2023

  • Update readme.txt so that tested up to gets picked up

1.35, Aug 9, 2023

  • Check compatability with WP 6.3

1.34, Jul 26, 2023

  • Add content about the connections to external booking portals/ OTAs via a channel manager connection

1.33, Jul 26, 2023

  • Check compatability with WP 6.2.2


  • Check compatability with WP 6.1


  • Check compatability with WP 6.0


  • Check compatability with WP 5.9. Translate the Plugin description and tweak the readme text to reflect the current options. Add new Banner image.


  • Update to WordPress 6.2.2. Rework the german translation of the admin page.


  • Fix bug that crept in where the plugin was addressing a development URL in to call the script 1.27.


  • Update to WordPress 5.6
  • Tweak the installation instruction to use the shortcodes – works better with the newer templates
  • Adjust default colors and styling to work well with the twenty twenty-one and layout “wide2”


  • Update to WordPress 5.4.2 and support integration of the booking tool into a responsive theme like twenty-twenty: layout wide2


  • Add Japanese (jp) and German Du (du_de) as language code


  • deactivate the filter to add the div free_rooms automatically as it breaks in WP 5.0.3


  • replace the deprecated create_function call for the widget initialization


  • revert the 1.20 change and go through add_filter for automating igumbi_dialog injection
  • fix the bug of double rendering the template post content (inject_igumbi_dialog)


  • fix the settings error that threw a blank wp-admin screen with plugin Ver 1.19


  • the igumbi_dialog adding is done via add_action instead of add_filter
  • add global translation file for the plugin


  • Add to the plugin file so we can translate the plugin description


  • The sample calendar is embedded into productcategorylist and takes the first productcategory in the list
  • All links back to igumbi are in https


  • Get a list of current productcategories into the admin backend
  • Integrate the availability calendar into the admin backend and show the required shortcodes to embed the availability calendar


  • inject the shortcode for the igumbi_dialog (the output of the booking tool) via the_post filter (unless a shortcode is defined in a post or in a template file). This makes the plugin useable out of the box when installed with a sane default placement of the booking tool output.


  • Link to the Settings in the plugin list
  • Finetune German translations


  • Set the default mode to responsive when the plugin is activated
  • Fix errors where the settings api was not properly used


  • Translate the admin-settings page into German


  • Tested compatability with WP version 4.9.6
  • Added the responsive option
  • Added information about the Stripe payment processing option


  • Links back to the design edit screen in igumbi
  • Update screenshots


  • Fixed typos


  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 4.4.2
  • The test mode can be enabled to allow editing the custom CSS via the igumbi backend


  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 4.2.4
  • Links back to https://www.igumbi.com use https


  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 4.2.3 and adjusted install instructions


  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 3.9


  • Added Czech and Polish language: language code cz,pl


  • Added Dutch language, language code nl


  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 3.8


  • The default language of the booking tool can be selected on the settings page.
  • The settings page got a field where the CSS can be overwritten from within WordPress. No need for the designer to go to the igumbi backend.
  • The shortcode [igumbi_avform] can take parameters like language, orientation and CSS test modus [igumbi_avform lang=es wide=true test=true]


  • First release of this Plugin: Helps to integrate the igumbi online booking tool into your WordPress site, specify the hotel code, the wide/tall option and language. Shortcodes: [igumbi_avform] and [igumbi_dialog]