FreePay for WooCommerce


With Woo FreePay, you are able to integrate your FreePay gateway to your WooCommerce install. With a wide list of API features including secure capturing, refunding and cancelling payments directly from your WooCommerce order overview. This plugin supports also the subscriptions plugins “WooCommerce Subscriptions” and “Subscriptions of WooCommerce”.


1. PHP: >= 5.4
2. WooCommerce >= 4.0


  1. Upload the ‘freepay-for-woocommerce’ folder to /wp-content/plugins/ on your server.
  2. Log in to WordPress administration, click on the ‘Plugins’ tab.
  3. Find Woo FreePay in the plugin overview and activate it.
  4. Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payment Gateways -> FreePay.
  5. Fill in all the fields in the “FreePay account” section and save the settings.
  6. You are good to go.


Som indehaver af mindre virksomheder, har jeg længe ledt efter noget der kunne modtage betalinger, som ikke koster en formue og der er at nemt at sætte op. Det har jeg endelige fået med Freepay. Det er supersimple at sætte op, selv for en "normal" person som mig, virkede fra den ene dag til den anden
I use Freepay for my woocommerce site and it works perfect. I did have one small issue in the beginning, but I contacted support and they managed to help me sort it out quickly. So far very happy with the plugin and the support. I'm planning also to offer subscriptions on my site, so I'll be happy to try the subscription support from Freepay for Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin.


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1.6.10 Fix for subscription collision
1.6.9 Fix for error in checking active plugin
1.6.8 Small fixes for Subscriptions for WooCommerce plugin
1.6.7 Capture order amount when order is completed is changed, so if the order is partially captured then the rest of the amount won’t be automatically captured. When doing a partial capture and the option to capture order when status is completed is enabled, there is a warning message reminding the user that the rest amount won’t be captured to prevent unintended overcharge of customers
1.6.6 Fix for Subscriptions for WooCommerce plugin when handling standard products
1.6.5 Small fix for handling a missing subscription ID in cancelled subscriptions (Subscriptions for WooCommerce plugin)
1.6.4 Added support for Subscriptions for Woocommerce plugin
1.6.3 Added Visa/Dankort icon as available payment icon
1.6.2 Small fix for invalid subscription frequency calculation sometimes happening with invalid periods
1.6.1 Added support for multiple captures. Added apple pay icon as available payment options.
1.6.0 Added support for Freepay API v2
1.5.4 Small fix to handle null reference on cancellation of order
1.5.3 Added setting for showing google pay icon on checkout
1.5.2 Fix for change payment method logic for WooCommerce Subscriptions
1.5.1 Added ‘Autodetect’ option for payment window language setting. The payment window language will use the user’s browser settings
1.5.0 Added support for the localization plugin WPML. Added WPML option to the currency selection in the plugin’s settings
1.4.2 Renamed default payment option title in checkout from ‘Freepay’ to ‘Betalingskort’
1.4.1 Fix for an error in payment generation options field
1.4.0 Fix for invalidating cache on capture from the orders overview. Added support for single subscription creation and order authorization transactions
1.3.6 Added support for subscription creation and amount authorization in a single transaction (gateway call)
1.3.5 Fix for error notice on payment transaction info
1.3.4 Added order key identifier in callback as fallback option if order number doesn’t match order_id
1.3.3 Handling of missing shipping country information
1.3.2 Added Decline URL setting
1.3.1 Version support bump
1.3.0 Added support for test payments
1.2.0 Added version meta data to payment gateway call
1.1.1 Added better error handling for subscriptions
1.1.0 Added support for subscriptions
1.0.3 Added capture button in order listing actions
1.0.2 Fix for card selection issue and language setting for payment window
1.0.1 Minor fix to transaction validation
1.0.0 Initial version of the plugin