Divi Form Builder With Material Design


Create form using divi builder. Divi modules for fields with material design styles, spam protection, email notification, database saves & more

Create Material Designed Forms That Convert

High converting forms creates more leads. More leads, more sales!

Divi Form Builder With Material Design plugin helps in creating beautiful material designed forms.

Beautiful forms with the right number of fields convert better.

Setup form settings in a divi section, add the form field divi modules and off you go.

No technical knowledge needed. Let us do the heavy-lifting for you!

Responsive Form Builder Created For Divi

Add form fields like text, paragraph, file upload, checkbox etc on divi visual builder via corresponding divi modules.

A custom divi module for each form field.

Such a setup makes it possible to use divi’s native user interface grid. Since the grid is responsive, forms are responsive.

Create a divi form section having rows with different columns. Place the form field divi module in the columns.

Get responsive form build without breaking a sweat.

Form Fields Divi Modules

Plugin supports following field types. Note: This list will grow as we add new field types

  • Single Line Text – A single line text field.
  • Paragraph Text – A multi line text field
  • Checkbox – A multi-select tickbox field
  • Radio -A radio field to select a single option
  • File Upload – A field to enable file uploads
  • Drop Down – Dropdown field to select an option from multi-choices.
  • Email – A text field with email validation
  • Consent – A field with a tick switch toggle and description
  • Submit Button – A field to create form’s submit button

Each form field has a corresponding divi module.

A form field module contains

  • Field settings like label, name etc.
  • Validation settings like required, min/max etc
  • Settings specific to that field like max file upload size, allow extensions etc.

Browser-side validation, before submitting the form, is an integral part of the validation process.

Form style design settings are available on the parent divi section’s setting options.

Bring Material Design To Divi Website

Plugin embraces Google’s Material Design philosophy. Form elements have material design styles out-of-the-box.

We’ve made it easy to tweak form styling. You can now match form styles with your website branding.

Form style design settings are available on the parent divi section’s setting options.

Customizing form design has never been so easy.

Custom design styling is part of premium plugin

Seamless Protection Against Spam Form Entries

Spam form entries is an unwanted part of doing business. It can get ugly if your form is not protected.

We’ve got you covered. A form can integrate basic captcha & Google’s reCAPTCHA spam protection.

Google reCAPTHCA is part of premium plugin

Create a reCAPTHCA website profile, save profile keys in WordPress & enable reCAPTCHA protecting on a form.

Custom Email Notifications With Dynamic Content

No one likes canned email notifications. It ought to be personal.

To personalize, create custom email notifications with dynamic content while setting the form.

Use dynamic data from the form submission in your form notifications.

Dynamic Content can be user’s name, email etc found in a form submission

Store Form Submissions In Database

Worried that you might miss a form submission notification. Email delivery isn’t 100% guaranteed.

Full inboxes, emails filtered as spams etc happen all the time.

We store form submissions in the database.

View the form entries and entry details. Delete entries that you don’t need.

Storing of form submissions is part of premium plugin

Premium Plugin

Premium Plugin : https://wptools.app/wordpress-plugin/divi-form-builder-with-material-design/

Premium plugin offers following premium features

  • Custom Material Design Styling
  • Google reCAPTCHA integration
  • Saving Form Submissions In Database


  • Divi Form With Material Design
  • Responsive Form Using Divi Grid
  • Custom Style For Material Design
  • Divi Modules Form Fields
  • Email Notification
  • Spam Protection
  • Form Database Entries


How to install the Divi Form Builder With Material Design plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload forms-for-divi folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


What features does the premium plugin offer?

“Divi Form Builder With Material Design” offers the following premium features

  • Custom Material Design Styling
  • Google reCAPTCHA integration
  • Saving Form Submissions In Database

Premium Plugin : https://wptools.app/wordpress-plugin/divi-form-builder-with-material-design/

Does this plugin have any dependencies?

No plugin dependencies. Divi/Extra theme required


This plugin lets me place various form types (input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-downs) anywhere I want (not just in one column going down down down…). It also allows me to customize their appearance in many ways, along with customizing the button. All yay! Plus excellent plugin support. Even more yay!


“Divi Form Builder With Material Design” 是一個開源的軟體。以下的人對這個外掛作出了貢獻。




  • Fixed incompatibility with WordPress 6.5 which caused a critical error.


  • php8.1 compatible
  • Freemius upgrade


  • Freemius Upgrade
  • Using ‘Site title’ and ‘Administrator Email’ to set the “From” email header
  • WordPress compatibility
  • Custom Dependency injection


  • Input field on focus background color setting.
  • Dropdown selected item and hover item background color setting.
  • Checkbox and radio responsive columns fields.
  • Email checkbox responsive has a space after the comma
  • Fixed issue with escaped text in email message


  • Hover style settings for submit button background and text colors.
  • Background color for text, basic captcha and dropdown input
  • Background focus color for text, basic captcha and dropdown input.


  • Freemius upgrade


  • Enhancement – Email notifications in HTML format
  • Upgraded freemius


  • Fix – File upload field javascript validation issue


  • 14/7/22
  • Data sanitation.


  • 6/07/22
  • Saving form submission to database.


  • 18/05/22
  • Form submission email notifications


  • 27/04/22
  • reCAPTCHA integration for spam protection


  • 27/03/22
  • Integrated material design into form styling


  • 27/02/22
  • Divi module for Single Line, Paragraph Text, Checkbox, Radio, File Upload, Drop Down, Email, Consent, Submit Button


  • 9/02/22
  • Divi forms processing engine


  • 21/01/22
  • Database table for saving entries


  • 13/01/2022
  • Plugin scaffolding