This plugin has been closed as of 2023年1月18日 and is not available for download. 原因:安全性問題。


2016年10月4日 4 replies
I needed a way for different customers of my client to be able to only access their analysis downloads and this fit the bill I was going to use Mr Starks File Away but it was far more than I needed in this instance. eyes Only is simple easy to use and damn clever for how it handles display of content MY client has 6 airlines he manages the airport analysis data for and we are able to procide each customer with their download using one simple page based off the short code for each customer [eyesonly level=”administrator” username=”the_customers_username, rwywayne” logged=”in”]The Customer Specific COntent here[/eyesonly] This is the simplest of usages for this amazing plugin and as I delve deeper into it eg nesting tags IM sure I will find other creative ways to use this Mr Stark I WILL be sending you a donation!
2016年9月3日 9 replies
It works exactly as described. Its great with short-codes inside of custom post types with many different user groups. I didn’t run into any compatibility issues with my theme or other plugins. The only suggested feature I would like is if it could hide the entire post.
Awesome plugin. Very easy to use, only useful functionalities, do exactly what I looked for. Thanks a lot for this work ! Works like a charm with 4.4.2
The plugin does the job. The authors should update compatibility 🙂
Exactly what i needed. I wanted to show each customer his own page with a chart of his data on it. But nobody else except the customer and admin should see it. And that could be accomplished with this plugin. In addition I created a username for each customer, and a login for each customer on the frontend of his own page, for their convenience.


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