Extensions for Leaflet Map


Extends the WordPress Plugin Leaflet Map with Leaflet Plugins and other functions.

Used Leaflet Plugins and Elements

Other functions

  • List files for Leaflet Map
  • hover:
    • Highlight a gpx, kml or geojson element on mouse over
    • get a tooltip for marker, gpx, kml or geojson element on mouse over.
  • Hide Markers: Use it when a track in a GPX file contains some markers and you don’t want to display them on the map.
  • Option to migrate from WP GPX Maps to elevation


Detailed documentation and examples in German and English.


  • Track with elevation and other profiles and Switching Tile Layers
  • Track with elevation profile only and Switching Tile Layers
  • Multiple Tracks with elevation profile
  • Hover a Geojson area
  • Markercluster and Groups
  • Markercluster PlacementStrategies
  • GestureHandling


  • First you need to install and configure the plugin Leaflet Map.
  • Then install this plugin.
  • Go to Settings – Leaflet Map – Extensions for Leaflet Map and get documentation and settings options.


Resolves many issues that come up with using the Leaflet Map plugin. Developer is highly responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful. Thanks! - author of Leaflet Map plugin
A super add-on to the Leaflet mapper plugin and good support to get it running.
Leaflet Map and Extensions for Leaflet Map are the best among the WordPress map plugins I've seen. Thanks for making the best plugin available.
The elevation & fullscreen options were extremely helpful for my site, thank you!
I found this great plugin accidentally. Now it will substitute WP GPX Maps I had been using before. Extensions for Leaflet is far more flexible. Thank you for this!


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任何人均可瀏覽程式碼、查看 SVN 存放庫,或透過 RSS 訂閱開發記錄


3.1 / 220718

  • leaflet-gestures-1.4.3: Please check your Leaflet Map settings for scrollwheel. See the help for Gesture Handling!
  • Leaflet.Control.FullScreen 2.4.0
  • Backend interface for non-admin
  • File Manager
  • leaflet-directory: Tracks from all files in a directory