Embed and Integrate Etsy Shop


We are proud to provide one of the most robust Etsy Shop embeds out there. The Embed and Integrate Etsy Shop plugin allows you to embed your Etsy shop listings on your website AND allows your visitors to get more details about any item. Moreover, the plugin also allows your visitors to add items to a cart and complete their checkout right on Etsy. It’s a true e-commerce experience and seamless integration between your website and your Etsy shop. See the demo

Main Shop Listings Page

The Main Shop Listings Block was curated with you in mind. It was important that the Listings Block be simple and stylish without clashing with your chosen theme, and providing your visitors with what they need to make a buying decision.
Item Listings Screenshot

Item Details Page

Just like a true e-commerce site. When your visitors view item details they are presented with a nicely laid out product details page which includes, product images, variations, qty, materials, description, and fulfillment information.
Product Details Screenshot

Floating Popup Cart

Being able to showcase your listing on your custom website is a win-win. Couple that with a built-in shopping cart and it’s a triple win! Customers can continue to browse your products or read more about your business offerings without leaving your website. As they browse your website, the cart will follow them until they are ready to checkout.
Floating Cart Screenshot

Check Out On Etsy

Your visitor has completed their journey on your website and has clicked on the “Checkout” button. They are taken to Etsy to complete their order.
[https://etsy360.io/homepage/img/features/checkout-on-etsy.png Checkout on Etsy]
Checkout on Etsy Screenshot


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for Embed and Integrate Etsy Shop
  3. Install Embed and Integrate Etsy Shop once it appears
  4. Activate Embed and Integrate Etsy Shop from your Plugins page.
  5. Once Activated, go to “Etsy Embed” in the left column.


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