Converts Cyrillic characters in post, page and term slugs to Latin characters. Useful for creating human-readable URLs.


  • The only plugin with fully editable transliteration table. Allows to add/remove and edit pairs like ‘Я’ => ‘Ya’, or even ‘Пиво’ => ‘Beer’
  • Converts any number of existing post, page and term slugs in background processes
  • Saves existing post and page permalinks integrity
  • Performs transliteration of attachment file names
  • Includes Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Greek, Armenian, Georgian, Kazakh, Hebrew, and Chinese characters
  • Has many advantages over similar plugins
  • Officially compatible with WPML

Based on the original Rus-To-Lat plugin by Anton Skorobogatov.

Sponsored by Blackfire.

Plugin Support


  • Tables settings page
  • Converter settings page
  • Block editor with transliterated slug
  • WPML Certificate


  1. Upload cyr2lat folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


How can I define my own substitutions?

Add this code to your theme’s functions.php file:

 * Modify conversion table.
 * @param array $table Conversion table.
 * @return array
function my_ctl_table( $table ) {
   $table['Ъ'] = 'U';
   $table['ъ'] = 'u';

   return $table;
add_filter( 'ctl_table', 'my_ctl_table' );

How can I redefine non-standard locale?

For instance, if your non-standard locale is uk_UA, you can redefine it to uk by adding the following code to your theme’s function.php file:

 * Use non-standard locale.
 * @param string $locale Current locale.
 * @return string
function my_ctl_locale( $locale ) {
    if ( 'uk_UA' === $locale ) {
        return 'uk';

    return $locale;
add_filter( 'ctl_locale', 'my_ctl_locale' );

How can I define own transliteration of titles?

Add similar code to your theme’s functions.php file:

 * Filter title before sanitizing.
 * @param string|false $result Sanitized title.
 * @param string       $title  Title.
 * @return string|false
function my_ctl_pre_sanitize_title( $result, $title ) {
    if ( 'пиво' === $title ) {
        return 'beer';

    return $result;
add_filter( 'ctl_pre_sanitize_title', 10, 2 );

How can I define own transliteration of filenames?

Add similar code to your theme’s functions.php file:

 * Filter filename before sanitizing.
 * @param string|false $result   Sanitized filename.
 * @param string       $filename Title.
 * @return string|false
function my_ctl_pre_sanitize_filename( $result, $filename ) {
    if ( 'пиво' === $filename ) {
        return 'beer';

    return $result;
add_filter( 'ctl_pre_sanitize_filename', 10, 2 );

How can I limit post types for background conversion?

Add similar code to your theme’s functions.php file:

 * Filter post types allowed for background conversion.
 * @param array $post_types Allowed post types.
 * @return array
function my_ctl_post_types( $post_types ) {
    return [
        'post'          => 'post',
        'page'          => 'page',
        'attachment'    => 'attachment',
        'product'       => 'product',
        'nav_menu_item' => 'nav_menu_item',
add_filter( 'ctl_post_types', 'my_ctl_post_types' );

How can I convert many posts/terms using wp-cli?

Use the following command in the console:

wp cyr2lat regenerate [--post_type=<post_type>] [--post_status=<post_status>]

-post_type is list of post types,
-post_status is list of post statuses.

How can I regenerate thumbnails safely?

Regeneration of thumbnails with the command wp media regenerate can break links in old posts as file names become transliterated.

To avoid it, deactivate cyr2lat plugin during regeneration:

wp media regenerate --skip-plugins=cyr2lat

Can I contribute?

Yes you can!


2023年5月2日 4 replies
Українська транслітерація не відповідає постанові Кабінету Міністрів України від 27 січня 2010 р. № 55, яка визначає стандарт для транслітерації української мови, треба вручну виправляти.
2023年5月17日 2 replies
После обновления WordPress перестал выполняться запрос к базе данных , т.е. просто ничего не выдавало. я обновила все плагины , в том числе и Cyr2Lat. проблема не решилась. На хостинге проверили БД, ошибок не было. Меня спас тестовый аналогичный сайт, на котором WP был обновлен, но все работало хорошо. и вот там после обновления вашего плагина, картина с запросом повторилась, т.е не работал запрос к БД у меня была старая версия 5.3.0. после отката на нее, запрос отрабатывает отлично.
2023年3月24日 2 replies
Добрый день! Плагин отличный, но есть проблема с вариациями в woocommerce после последнего обновления, почему то скрывает произвольные вариации которые на русском языке.


“Cyr-To-Lat” 是一個開源的軟體。以下的人對這個外掛作出了貢獻。


Cyr-To-Lat 外掛目前已有 9 個本地化語言版本。 感謝所有譯者為這個外掛做出的貢獻。

將 Cyr-To-Lat 外掛本地化為台灣繁體中文版。


任何人均可瀏覽程式碼、查看 SVN 存放庫,或透過 RSS 訂閱開發記錄


5.5.2 (31.03.2023)

  • Fixed transliteration of tags with Polylang and WPML.

5.5.1 (21.03.2023)

  • Fixed transliteration of attributes on WC frontend.

5.5.0 (18.03.2023)

  • Tested with WordPress 6.2.
  • Tested with WooCommerce 7.5.
  • Improved performance of Tables settings page.
  • Fixed showing posts by tags on the frontend.
  • Fixed showing non-transliterated cyrillic tags on the backend.

5.4.0 (15.12.2022)

  • Tested with WordPress 6.1 and WooCommerce 7.2.
  • Added compatibility with WC High-Performance order storage (COT) feature.

5.3.0 (23.05.2022)

  • Tested with WordPress 6.0 and WooCommerce 6.5.

5.2.7 (14.02.2022)

  • Tested with WooCommerce 6.2.
  • Added PHP 8.1 support.

5.2.6 (25.12.2021)

  • Revert fix made in 5.2.5 for 404 with WPML, as it created several issues on the frontend.
  • Fix again 404 on archives created with WPML before activation of cyr2lat.

5.2.5 (19.12.2021)

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.9 and WooCommerce 6.0.
  • Fix issue with Polylang – do not modify admin language when editing a post.
  • Fix issue with JetPack – fatal error on synchronisation.
  • Fix 404 on archives created with WPML before activation of cyr2lat.

5.2.4 (07.09.2021)

  • Fix issue with not showing WooCommerce variable product attributes.
  • Fix issue with Elementor and WPML, endless loop.

5.2.3 (07.09.2021)

  • Fix issue with WP Foro plugin – transliterate topic slug when created on frontend.
  • Fix bug with Polylang on REST request.

5.2.2 (06.09.2021)

  • Fix issue caused by the bug in Jetpack sync.
  • Optimize code related to WPML locale filtering.
  • Fix endless loading of a taxonomy page with WPML.
  • Fix ‘nothing found’ on a taxonomy page with WPML.

5.2.1 (29.07.2021)

  • Determine WPML language only once to improve performance.
  • Avoid notice on bad SQL request when taxonomies are empty.

5.2.0 (27.07.2021)

  • Add support for categories and tags in other languages with wpml.

5.1.0 (19.07.2021)

  • Fix issue-95 – 404 on localized terms created before plugin install.
  • Add cache flushing after batch conversion.
  • Tested with WordPress 5.8

5.0.4 (17.04.2021)

  • Fix bug in converter without saved options

5.0.3 (03.04.2021)

  • Add filter ‘ctl_locale’
  • Fix translation of tabs on settings pages
  • Fix registered post types in conversion settings

5.0.2 (27.03.2021)

  • Fix bug creating tag with the same slug as category

5.0.1 (22.03.2021)

  • Fix fatal error during plugin load on some servers

5.0.0 (18.03.2021)

  • Introduce tabs on options page
  • Add options to select post types and statuses for background conversion
  • Make colors compatible to WP official palette
  • Fix bug with Polylang when locale is not equal to language slug

4.6.4 (03.03.2021)

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.7

4.6.3 (21.02.2021)

  • Fix bug with attachment post type filtered by ‘ctl_post_types’
  • Fix bug with background conversion of product attribute terms

4.6.2 (11.02.2021)

  • Fix bug with non-existing function PLL().

4.6.1 (10.02.2021)

  • Fix bug with Polylang

4.6.0 (10.02.2021)

  • Add compatibility with Polylang
  • Add confirmation popup before mass conversion of slugs
  • Improve selection of posts and tags for conversion to avoid selection of excessive items for mass conversion
  • Fix bug with redirection from the old slug to a new one after background slug conversion
  • Fix js to run in old browsers like IE

4.5.2 (08.12.2020)

  • Fix bug with the deployment to

4.5.1 (07.12.2020)

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.6
  • Tested on PHP 5.6 – 8.0

4.5.0 (18.05.2020)

  • Added Greek and Armenian languages
  • Added background conversion of attachments and thumbnails
  • Fixed background conversion of existing slugs

4.4.0 (18.04.2020)

  • Full flexibility to edit transliteration table: now it is possible to add/remove transliteration pairs on the settings page
  • Ability to edit not only values in the transliteration table, but also keys
  • Saving active table via ajax
  • Watching changes in active table
  • Auto-saving of changed table
  • Info about the current locale on settings page
  • Making table with current locale active at setting page load
  • Chinese language added
  • Fixed: slug not updated at woocommerce product duplication

4.3.5 (28.03.2020)

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.4
  • Fixed bug with disappearing of WooCommerce attributes

4.3.4 (22.02.2020)

  • Fixed non-conversion of slugs with WPML
  • Restricted conversion of post to public and nav_menu_item
  • Introduced ctl_post_types filter

4.3.3 (20.02.2020)

  • Reworked main plugin filter
  • Improved performance by minimizing number of calls
  • Updated Georgian table
  • Fixed slug duplication in taxonomies
  • Fixed warnings with WooCommerce when mbstring is not loaded
  • Fixed transliteration of draft post slug
  • Tables sorted by local alphabets

4.3.2 (29.12.2019)

  • Fixed problems with setting of max_input_vars on some hosting

4.3.1 (27.12.2019)

  • Added requirement to have max_input_vars >= 5000
  • Added automatic plugin deactivation if requirements are not met
  • Added attempt to auto-fix max_input_variable value

4.3 (14.12.2019)

  • Added Chinese table
  • Tested up to WordPress 5.3
  • Tested up to PHP 7.4
  • External library wp-background-processing scoped into own namespace to prevent errors in some cases

4.2.3 (29.08.2019)

  • Scoped Symfony Mbstring polyfill to avoid problems with composer autoloader on some sites.

4.2.2 (28.08.2019)

  • Added ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin support
  • Added Serbian table
  • Added new filter ctl_pre_sanitize_filename
  • Fixed improper encoding of Ё, ё, Й, й characters in file names on some Mac computers (old known problem on Mac’s)

4.2.1 (23.06.2019)

  • Fixed problem with sessions
  • Fixed message sequence for conversion of existing slugs.
  • Added php version check to avoid fatal error on activation on old sites.
  • Added vertical tabs in plugin settings.

4.2 (28.05.2019)

  • Bumped up required php version – to 5.6
  • Added phpunit tests for all php versions from 5.6 to 7.3
  • Fixed php warning during conversion of existing slugs
  • Fixed locale selection during conversion of existing post slugs when WPML is activated
  • Fixed bug with infinite redirection of some slugs after conversion of existing slugs

4.1.2 (22.05.2019)

  • Fixed bug with fatal error in Cyr_To_Lat_Converter with php 5.2

4.1.1 (22.05.2019)

  • Fixed bug with fatal error in Cyr_To_Lat_Converter with php 5.6

4.1 (21.05.2019)

  • Added he_IL Table
  • Added plugin translation to Ukrainian
  • Added plugin translation to Swedish
  • Added phpunit tests. All plugin classes are 100% covered
  • Added js tests. All plugin js code is 100% covered
  • Fixed bug with Jetpack sync
  • Fixed empty slug bug while using characters outside of locale

4.0 (24.04.2019)

  • Added button to convert existing slugs, instead of checkbox
  • Added admin notices during conversion of existing slugs
  • Added post_type and post_status parameters to wp-cli command
  • Fixed text domain
  • Simplified package.json to make final js even smaller
  • Added phpunit tests to the plugin main class
  • Added travis.yml for continuous integration on GitHub, and improvement of code reliability

3.7 (12.04.2019)

  • Added Belorussian, Macedonian, Kazakh tables
  • Fixed bug with MariaDB during old slug conversion
  • Fixed not saving of user modifications in default iso9 table

3.6.5 (11.02.2019)

  • Added queues for background slug conversion process

3.6.4 (06.02.2019)

  • Fixed bug with _wp_old_slug redirect.
  • Fixed bug with urldecode in posts.

3.6.3 (04.02.2019)

  • Fixed bug with network activation on multisite

3.6.2 (01.02.2019)

  • Moved the menu in the settings section
  • Text domain fixup.

3.6.1 (31.01.2019)

  • Text domain corrected.

3.6 (31.01.2019)

  • Plugin settings page added.
  • Settings page allows user to edit conversion tables online.
  • Code converted to OOP.
  • Code refactored to conform WordPress Coding Standards.
  • JS developed according to ECMA-6 script standards.
  • Settings page also works if JS is switched off in the browser.
  • Composer and yarn added.
  • Assets (banner, icon, admin icon) are added.

3.4 (21.01.2019)

  • Tested up to WP 5.1
  • Code formatting to follow WPCS.
  • Strict comparisons.
  • Braces {} removed from MySQL statements to allow checking of table names in PhpStorm.
  • Updated .gitignore and
  • Added new filter ctl_pre_sanitize_title

3.3 (18.01.2019)

  • wpcs 1.0
  • Fixed many bugs
  • Added Gutenberg support


  • Added transliteration when publishing via XML-RPC
  • Fixed Invalid Taxonomy error when viewing the most used tags


  • Fixed transliteration when saving a draft


  • Added automatic conversion of existing post, page and term slugs
  • Added saving of existing post and page permalinks integrity
  • Added transliteration of attachment file names
  • Adjusted transliteration table in accordance with ISO 9 standard
  • Included Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Georgian characters
  • Added filter for the transliteration table


  • Optimized filter call


  • Added check for existing terms


  • Updated description


  • Initial release