Clone Woo Orders – Free by WP Masters


Clone, duplicate or repeat your WooCommerce orders in one click.

It saves your time – no need to put address and products data manually. You just clone it.

Also perfect for developers: to make a lot of orders quickly.

Popular use cases

  • Client calls you by phone and ask to repeat his order
  • You need to create order manually for existing customer
  • You are developer who needs a lot of orders for testing

How to use it

  • Install and activate plugin
  • After activation you will find a new “Clone” button in WP Admin > WooCommerce > Orders page within the order actions column
  • Click on that button and you will get a copy of order. It will be in “Pending Payment status”.
  • You will be redirected to a new order with customer data and products already inside.


  • If you don’t see the Actions column on the right side of WooCommerce Orders list, please click Screen Options at the top right of the page.

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  • Clone buttons in the Orders list
  • New option - to clone order as draft


2023年1月11日 3 replies
Useful free plugin. Gives you a clone button in order actions. This does create and save an identical copy of the order but you can then edit it before emailing the order details to your customer. I dont think this type of plugin has the potential to break your site. I cant see why anyone would rate it less than 5 stars.
2023年1月9日 5 replies
EDIT of review below after developer added functionality. Updated review - Thanks this does everything I need it to do now. The developer was super quick to respond to my feedback and now it is does exactly what I need it to do. Giving 5 stars for functionality but also for VERY FAST developer response to feedback. Great work!! Initial review - It clones orders exactly so only if the same purchaser/user etc. Does that well. But I do a number of orders that are all the same but for different purchasers and so I want to duplicate an order but change the purchaser/user and it does not have that functionality. Would be better if it cloned as a draft (or maybe to 'on hold' status) so that you can then change whatever details you want before you mark it as processing. So I have deactivated as not useful for me.
It works okay, but it aint possible to edit the order items etc. So this plugin is only usefull if you want exact the same order. Since i dont want to force clients to create a account most dont do this and it aint possible to copy the client data to a new order.
Congratulations... I've been looking for this feature for months. Keep it up... thank you very much


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  • Implementing two feature requests: for Draft Status and dropdown list of actions.


  • Woo Notice Fix


  • Description and screenshots update


  • Initial version