Bulk Edit Upsells and Cross-Sells for WooCommerce


Bulk Edit Upsells and Cross-sells for WooCommerce is a fastest and easiest way to set or update upsells and cross-sells for products in your WooCommerce catalog.

  • Allows you to Search for products using different criteria like Product Name, Product Category, Product SKU and Product Tags.
  • You can Bulk Update WooCommerce Upsells and Cross-sells for all products that fulfill your search criteria.
  • Allows you to Copy and Paste upsells and cross-sells across different products in seconds.
  • Works with all types of WooCommerce products – Simple, Variable, Grouped, and Downloadable.

Your time is valuable

Finally, no more tedious clicking by going through each product to set upsells and cross-sells.

Copy and Paste

Now setting Upsells and Cross-sells for WooCommerce products has become even more easier, you can simply copy and paste upsells and cross-sells across different products in seconds.

Edit Quickly and with Confidence

Search for your products quickly using different search parameters like Name , Category, SKU, and Tags bulk update and save.

Boost Your Sales

Setting Upsells and Cross-sells for WooCommerce products have never been easier.
Use this plugin to set them up quickly, increase product visibility and increase your sales in the process.

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  • Setting the Upsells for the products
  • Preview of Dashboard
  • Setting the Cross-sells for the products
  • Searching for Products using SKU, Name, Categories, Tags


  1. Upload the bulk-edit-upsells-and-cross-sells-for-woocommerce plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Click on the \’Settings\’ link or in the WordPress dashboard click on Products > Upsells and Cross-sells


Great plugin, please keep it up! We hope to see an update soon, with interface improvement (the screen gets quite wide when adding up-sells and cross-sells and you need to scroll horizontally, also when you slect a category with many products, the page crashes and doesn't load). Otherwise very useful!
Werkt perfect, makkelijk en overzichtelijk. Je kiest een productcategorie en vervolgens krijg je alle artikelen in beeld en zie je de wel of juist niet gekozen cross- en uppsels te zien en kun je deze aanpassen.
2022年9月23日 1 reply
The plugin is not bad, it allows you to massively modify up-sell and cross-sell of any product, the nice thing is that you can filter by categories / sku / product name ... so you only get the ones you decide. it is a bit faster than the normal up and cross sell found when you directly modify the product, the only differences with the normal one is that you can repeat in the up sell and cross sell the same product to which you are adding the cross and up sell (example: modification of the cross and up sells of "48TK mowers" you can add "48TK mowers", repeat it in practice) and this in my opinion is a negative side; an addition that could be done is that instead of doing it one by one, for example, you could copy various IDs of the various cross and up sells to add and copy and paste them in order to do everything immediately because it is practically the same as the normal modification of woocommerce of the up and cross sells that you have to do one by one. On the other hand it is very fast and the filters make everything much easier and faster to add them first, at the moment it is the only free plugin that allows you to do this, top!


“Bulk Edit Upsells and Cross-Sells for WooCommerce” 是一個開源的軟體。以下的人對這個外掛作出了貢獻。



[2.0.4] 16.09.2023

  • New: Made HPOS Compatible.
  • New: Tested upto PHP 8.1.23

[2.0.3] 16.03.2023

  • Fixed: Critical error fixed

[2.0.2] 05.01.2023

  • Fixed: Resolved feedback button not working issue.

[2.0.1] 18.11.2022

  • Update: Now all product variation names will be shown in Upsells and Cross-sell product search box.

[2.0.0] 03.10.2022

  • Update: Switched from tokenfield JS Library to select2 library.
  • Update: Copy And Paste functionality.
  • New: Added product thumbnail image.
  • New: Added product URL to Product Thumbnail image and Title.

[1.0.1] 30.07.2022

  • Update: Changed banner Image.

[1.0.0] 30.05.2022

  • Initial release.