Book BuyBack Prices


What is Book BuyBack Prices?

Plugin that lets you show buyback prices for books. With shortcodes you can set up a single book display or allow your visitors to enter an ISBN of their choice. The most popular buyback result prices along with some basic book information is then included in search results.

Standard Free Features

  • Show Book BuyBack Prices
  • Shortcode implementation
  • Ajax-based public interface
  • Free API Key generation from
  • Google Recaptcha v3 is required to prevent abuse

Pro Features

  • Use your own affiliate links for each vendor


  • Example book results.


Use standard wordpress plugin installation methods.

To get an API key for use with, simply click the link on the settings page.

Google Recaptcha v3 is required as well, and there is a link to the Google Recaptcha system to get free site key and secret keys.

Use the shortcode [bbbp] anywhere to display an ISBN search form. Or use something like [bbbp ISBN=9780134093413] to omit the form and show the results for only a specific ISBN.


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