This plugin has been closed as of 2021年12月21日 and is not available for download. This closure is temporary, pending a full review.


I download this app because it stated it was compatible with my WordPress. However, as soon as I did I received a warning error message on the banner area of my website that stated, "Warning: Illegal string offset 'fontawesome' in /home/....... My website was working fine until I downloaded this app. I immediately deactivated it on my plugins page of my WordPress. But, when I attempted to delete it, it didn't delete. The same happened to my 2nd website site too. It got to the point that my hosting company had to manually help me remove it from the cPanel. What irritated me the most, it is listed as a different name (best-editor ) on my cPanel so it was hard to find at first. Mind you, it is listed as “WordPress Editor” on the WordPress plugins and my WordPress plugin page. Why would they have it listed with two different names? I seriously believe they are being shady (trying to hide their identity to make it hard for people to remove their plugin from the cPanel). I noticed that all my other plugins are listed the same name on my WordPress plugin page and cPanel. This plugin was the only one disguising their name. My hosting company advised me to report them.I would have rated this plugin a zero if I could.`
Oh i love this plugin. I hope you haven't given up. There is no other plugin that is as great. The last update came 12 months ago. Has the plugin canceled?
It seems to work fine, but for woocommerce the editor does not appear when creating a product, some way to integrate it? It would be good to improve it or in any case how to integrate it with simple code to other editing spaces. regards


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