Awin – Advertiser Tracking for WooCommerce


Awin is a global affiliate network with over 200,000 contributing publishers and 29,500 advertisers, connecting customers with brands in over 180 countries around the globe. The Awin Tracking extension allows for seamless integration of our core Advertiser Tracking Suite within WooCommerce.


The extension works by appending our sale attribution technology onto your shop website and populating the relevant dynamic variables required to record conversions for your affiliate programme. Use of the Awin extension will not change the appearance of your e-commerce site.

To use this extension you must have an Awin advertiser account, please contact our sales department for further information if you wish to join as an advertiser. Additional fees apply.


  • Enhanced Sale Attribution Available within the extension is our core tracking technology, which directly feeds into our reporting suite at Awin. These transactions are transparently displayed in the Awin interface. Within this package, we provide accessibility to our MasterTag and Server-to-Server solution which allows for enhanced and accurate conversion tracking.
  • Voucher Code Tracking Voucher/Coupon code tracking is an effective way for advertisers to monitor the vouchers used in a transaction. The data is clearly highlighted to advertisers through the Awin interface and you can choose to accept/decline commission based on the usage of non-compliant voucher codes.
  • MultiCurrency Support The currency used by your customer at checkout will be automatically handled and converted to your invoicing currency on the Awin platform.
  • Product Level Tracking (PLT) PLT enables an advertiser to produce more in-depth reporting where the performance of individual products can easily be measured. Monitor the effectiveness of different product promotions and their impact on consumers’ buying behaviour in the affiliate channel.
  • Privacy

    For the purpose of attributing sales and commissions to publishers, Awin will process checkout information including the order reference. This data will be sent and processed on the and domains. Any queries regarding the processing of this data can be directed to your dedicated integration contact. Please also see our privacy policy.


    1. Install the plugin
    2. Go to settings -> Awin Advertiser Tracking
    3. Set your Awin Advertiser ID (Provided by your Integration/Account Contact)
    4. Done


    Deja de funciona de forma repentina y la solución que te dan es que hagas la integración a medida en lugar de dar soporte sobre su plugin...
    We installed the plugin. The documentation basically seems to suggest that you just install it and everything works easy. It doesn't. And then it seems impossible to get any support - for example, notice that nobody ever replies to any of the support tickets for the plugin. Currently managed to get hold of someone at AWIN, so lets see what happens.


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    • Added support for WP multisite installations, tested with WordPress 6.3


    • Added product categories to basket items


    • Fixes get_used_coupons issue, tested with WordPress 6.1.1 / WooCommerce 7.3.0


    • Fixes bug when viewing historical order data


    • tested with WordPress 6.0.1


    • tested with WordPress 5.9.2


    • tested with WordPress 5.6.1


    • adds check for undefined url parameters


    • fixes a bug that the script was not rendered in the footer
    • adds CDATA to MasterTag script


    • fixes with Server-to-Server and empty voucher codes
    • fixes bug with Product Level Tracking (PLT) values


    • optimises javascript on checkout


    • fixes bug with Server-to-Server


    • changes order number


    • minor bugfix


    • first release