The plugin will be useful if your site has dates that need to be updated periodically at regular intervals. The use of this plugin is not limited to any particular field of activity. It can be used wherever it is necessary to periodically set the date.

Using this plugin is pretty simple:

  • Add a new date to the list
  • Specify all parameters for the new date (Don’t forget to activate the new date with the switch (Switched on/Switched off) )
  • Save the new date
  • Copy the shortcode that appears after saving
  • Paste this shortcode into the page of the site where the date should be
  • Don’t worry anymore that you forgot to update the date on the website

Date format features:

The date is displayed in the format that was defined in the general settings of your WordPress



Upload the Autodate plugin to your website, activate it, and … that’s all.


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