Extend the same professional support of your call answering service to your website visitors.
Install live chat on your WordPress site in minutes and open up a whole new channel for leads.
We work with you to create a detailed knowledge base, enabling your virtual receptionists to provide on-brand responses, capture leads, take messages, and schedule appointments. Never miss a lead or sale again.

AnswerForce benefits

  • 24/7 live chat support for your clients.
  • Give every customer premium support, be it by phone or live chat
  • Capture and qualify a whole new channel of leads
  • Build relationships and increase customer satisfaction
  • Analyze your web traffic to gain invaluable insights
  • Increase sales and boost your bottom line

24/7 live chat answering service

Your website is open 24/7, your support should be too.

We can help you answer your customers’ questions, capture leads, take messages, and more. Choose to have our agents answer your chats 24/7, or whenever you’re unavailable.

How it works with WordPress

The AnswerForce plugin allows you to add live chat directly to your WordPress-powered website. Your website visitors simply click the icon to start chatting with a team member through the chat dashboard. If you are unavailable, one of our associates will answer the chat on your behalf.


How much does it cost?

Prices vary, but every AnswerForce plan comes with a set number of chats. . Chat with us on our website to find out more.

Can I answer chats myself?

You can answer an unlimited amount of chats yourself at no extra cost.

How do I get updated on chats answered by AnswerForce?

You’ll receive immediate notifications whenever an AnswerForce chat associate answers a chat on your behalf. You can view these via your AnswerForce app. You can also review chat transcripts in full through the chat dashboard.

What is ChatSupport?

ChatSupport is a live chat provider and the tool of choice for AnswerForce’s live answering team. ChatSupport was developed by AnywhereWorks, the parent company of AnswerForce.
Through ChatSupport’s simple, secure chat widget, your AnswerForce receptionists provide 24/7 support to your website visitors.
You can find out more about Chat Support here.





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